Remember when Andrew Powaleny caught a lot of flack for posting dumb things on his public Twitter account?

GOP Chair Chris Healy seems not to have learned from that experience. Seriously, some of that stuff is fun and candid, but:

“NY should taz (sic) crack and hookers and they would have a surplus,”

…is a little harder to defend.


2 responses to “Tweet!

  1. I wonder what his buddy 9udy 11uiliani thinks about a comment like that.

    To me it just shows why there was justified outrage during the 2004 RNC choice for their convention. They don’t really love that city, they just needed a prop for their fear mongering.

  2. It is however nice to see the CT GOP embracing a libertarian view regarding the legalization (what needs to be done in order to tax) prostitution and drugs.

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