Commissioner of SMACKDOWN

By now, you’ve heard. Gov. Rell has named WWE CEO Linda McMahon to the state education board.

McMahon has given campaign cash to the campaigns of both Gov. Rell and SOTS Susan Bysiewicz, interestingly.

Plus, she has a mean kick!

Policy #1 will be to have The Rock give the People’s Elbow to kids who chew gum in school.


2 responses to “Commissioner of SMACKDOWN

  1. I was curious to see what McEnroe was up to post WTIC, so I checked that out a day or two ago… and regretted it. The left didn’t seem to have any problem with an uneducated Sophie Zawistowski testifying about apples.

  2. … WTF? Apparently having had a “longtime interest in education” is the threshold for appointment.

    Appointed 2-days before Christmas and announced during the cacaphony of the inauguration. No wonder there has been so little attention on this. I hope the legislature doesn’t let this sail through without a serious vetting. I mean, really, was there no other qualified candidate out there with just a little bit of experience in the field of public education?

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