Amann Not at Capitol: News Forthcoming?

Christine Stuart leaves a cryptic comment on her site about Jim Amann:

Amann did not make it to the state Capitol today for the MLK event. There may be news later this afternoon on the subject of his employment with the state, which is scheduled to start Tuesday. We wish we could say more but we can’t.

Has public pressure led Jim Amann and Chris Donovan to reconsider? I really hope so, we’ll find out soon.


6 responses to “Amann Not at Capitol: News Forthcoming?

  1. It is rather cryptic.

    Today is a state holiday — he surely wasn’t expected to start today.

    Maybe he has renegotiated for more $$.

    Start date Tuesday — does that mean he isn’t attending the Messiah’s ceremony in DC?

  2. If Amann reconsidered it would be the first time in his entire career that he balked at stuffing one up the backside of taxpayers.

    If there is an announcement today that Amann will not be hired by House Democrats, it most certainly was initiated by the Donovan folks who have political capital at stake.

    Amann, after all, has “a wife to take care of” and “bills to pay.” Gosh, I’d hate for him to have to find a job in the private sector that his asinine tax policies helped shrink over the last four years.

  3. AndersonScooper


    Amann had a campaign appearance scheduled at the Capital as part of MLK day.

    If Donovan were smart, (after his gross mis-calculation), he would have turned to Amann and said, “Run for governor, or work for me? Which would you like to do?”

    And if the decision is for Amann to take the $120,000/year job, I hope they’ll be smart enough to make him say good-bye to his $67,000/year MS fundraising gig.

  4. Clickety_Clak

    The session isn’t even 2 weeks old and our new Speaker has failed at every test of leadership: refusing to acknowledge and address the growing deficit, make tough legislative decisions to cut the budget, appointing an Appropriations Chair who appears to have no idea what the budget is, hiring his immediate predecessor as one of his highest-ranking (and paid) staffers, being stone silent (and thus, complicit) when his buddy, and fellow Meridener, Sen. Gaffey is rung up on charges of bilking the state out of tens of thousands of dollars.

    I don’t know what you call it…but “business as usual” certainly sounds right.

  5. Maybe instead of working his $120,000 state job today, he’s working his $60,000 MS job?

  6. News Junk is reporting that there won’t be any announcement until tomorrow on this.

    Big surprise. They bury the announcement late Friday before a long weekend, and they bury whatever new embarrassment they have to offer on the day we inaugurate a new president.


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