Murphy Gives Inauguration Reaction

Here’s a video reaction from Rep. Chris Murphy:

Murphy, like Rep. Joe Courtney, now also has a YouTube channel.


2 responses to “Murphy Gives Inauguration Reaction

  1. That’s great that Chris has a youtube channel.

    I recall being in my Town Hall (and Chris’ too) a year ago. I spoke with one of his guys and suggested they start videotaping everything and uploading it.

    Chris’ guy definitely didn’t like the idea… he gave me the impression that he was an old school “control the message” communications guy… and as Joementum and Crusher will attest… you can’t control the message anymore.

    So I’m hoping that Chris will start taping everything and uploading… to whatever extent is reasonably possible.

    Sure, he will make some misstatements. But if someone asks, he just needs to clarify. In the end, the world’ll be better off when pols stop trying to control the message… cuz there’s no way it’ll work.

  2. I don’t think Murphy was really reticent about video itself — judging from his and Courtney’s new YouTube channels, I’d Congressmen only recently got permission to run their own channels on the site.

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