Dodd at Health Care event in East Hartford

Sen. Dodd is in East Hartford at the new campus of Goodwin College this morning for the first stop on a health care “listening tour.” I will send out some updates from the event as it progresses.

The new Goodwin building is very, very nice. A big improvement for the EH riverfront.

Also at this event, Rep. Larson, Juan Figueroa of the Univ. Health Care Foundation of CT, and others. The event has drawn a decent number of people.

Update 11:30 – No reception in the hall meant I couldn’t post any updates. The event ran long, even Dodd underestimated the crowd and how strongly people felt about this issue.

One piece of news – Dodd says that HHS secretary designate Tom Daschle will come to CT to listen to peoples’ concern on health care later this year.

Also, Dodd reported that Ted Kennedy had undergone an MRI and had been given a “clean bill of health.”

I will write up a full report of this interesting event this afternoon.

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