Dyson Considering Run Against DeStefano

The New Haven Independent brings us this possible blockbuster: a matchup between John DeStefano and Bill Dyson, a popular former state representative.

Dyson’s possible candidacy has sparked interest because he has 16 winning elections behind him, deep local ties among constituencies he has helped in town, and a statewide reputation on issues like prison overcrowding and reentry of ex-offenders. No other potential challenger to DeStefano has emerged this year with those credentials despite local controversies over taxes and cops and schools.

Read Paul Bass’s entire article, it’s good stuff.

One interesting piece from the article is that Dyson may decide to challenge DeStefano as an independent. That would make November a lot more interesting than usual for the Elm City.


9 responses to “Dyson Considering Run Against DeStefano

  1. AndersonScooper

    Yeah, Bill Dyson.

    The guy who dug his own grave by supporting Lieberman-CFL over Lamont-D in the fall of 2006?

    But that wasn’t enough to bring an end to his career. So he Dyson decides to back Hillary over Barack in the fall of 2007, then through to the 2008 primary.

    When that led to the inevitable primary, (didn’t help that he took pot-shots at DeStefano as a Jim Newton (who?) backer in the ’07 mayoral contest), Dyson cries that he is “being run out of politics”.

    Of course his protege Gary Holder-Winfield goes on to win the vacated seat against Blango!

    Then on what could have been Bill Dyson Day, Bill takes his last vote in the State House, and thumbs his nose at Democrats everywhere by voting with Rell and the Republicans in their attempt to block the override of the Minimum Wage veto. Spite-driven or what, Bill?

    But even that wasn’t enough. The day after stating $8.00/hour is too much for Connecticut’s bottom-rung, Dyson gets quoted in the Hartford Courant, saying what a swell guy Rowland is/was.

    So yes, Bill Dyson lost it, somewhere along the way.

  2. AndersonScooper

    I guess what I mean to say is that Genghis and Paul Bass can fantasize about a real challenge to DeStefano by Dyson, but it ain’t happening.

    After losing the Speaker-ship to Amann, Dyson has been a master of self-destruction…

  3. CrankyYankee71

    Do you Dems think DeStefano is enitlted to the position as long as he wants it? Has he done such a good job that he is mayor for life?

    Is DeStefano’s record and position on the issue so weak that it cannot stand a challenge from Dyson? Why be afraid of this possibility?

    More people involved in the process is good for everyone. Wasn’t that the point of public financing state political campaigns that you Dems drooled over and told us how essential more participation was?

  4. Destefano is not afraid of Dyson…. he would destory him with or without a primary.

  5. >>Destefano is not afraid of Dyson

    Custer wasn’t afraid either.

  6. Pity they could not share the job – both are good men that know the systems , work hard and have no nasty traits . It would a pity to lose Mr. Dyson’s experience, agenda and skills at both the local and state level.

  7. AndersonScooper

    Oh, even in retirement Bill Dyson could play a helpful role in New Haven politics, if only weren’t huddled with ex-Mayor John Daniels in spiteful bitter-land.

  8. Anderson Scooper- Keep spewing. The more you talk the more I like Bill and am reminded how DeStefano contributed to chasing out every major grocery store (except one) from New Haven. The 124,000 residents shop daily from expensive corner convenience stores. And you thought it was the junk food in schools contributing to obesity?

    How the best entertainment district in the state is also only a couple blocks away from the hottest shooting gallery that rivals Hartford’s. If you want a fire or police job, New Haven is probably the only place left where you have to know someone in the mayor’s office or be a minority to get one. Don’t bother applying if you’re white.

    I think that Bill Dyson’s thoughtful demeanor at the Capitol and his popularity in New Haven will serve him well in New Haven. That city needs someone who is intelligent, thinks out of the box and knows the neighborhoods well. He’d make an excellent mayor.

  9. The more you talk the more I like Bill …

    I’ll make sure you get a chance to meet him.

    You’ll agree with him on little; however you will meet a very nice guy who has a record 3 decades long of keeping his word.

    Dyson has, and this is an unfortunately rare commodity; personal integrity.

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