Rell Will Address State Monday

Gov. Rell will address the state live on television Monday night, at some point during the 6pm newscasts. She’ll be speaking about the economic crisis.

Speaker Chris Donovan and Senate President Pro Tem Donald Williams will respond to the governor’s speech on several channels.

19 responses to “Rell Will Address State Monday

  1. Gee, I hope Donovan and Williams address the issues in Jon Lender’s column.,0,2752792.column

    Donovan’s new $165k press secretary? Holy shit!!

    And Williams has now hired a guy to drive him from his home to capitol?

    What planet are these guys living on? And they are going to ‘guide’ the state in our budget crisis?

  2. easthartfordtaxpayer

    Reminds me of East Hartford where so many of the people running the town could buy an entire street of it while the average residents can barely pay the taxes. Out of touch.

  3. AndersonScooper

    C’mon. They all have drivers. Even Chris Healy has a driver.

  4. Looks like a big snow storm is due to hit Tuesday, so the local news folks will be hyping that up on Monday night at the same time Rell, Williams et al are trying to give their comments on the budget…

  5. AndersonScooper // Feb 1, 2009 at 3:27 pm ·

    C’mon. They all have drivers. Even Chris Healy has a driver.

    Gee, I didn’t realize Healy had a taxpayer-funded driver. What line item is that?

  6. C’mon. They all have drivers. Even Chris Healy has a driver.

    Uh, Poopy, the governor and lieutenant governor have state police security details.

    (1) I wouldn’t want to be the baseball-hat-wearing schlubb that stands in front of one of the troopers and refers to him or her as the governor’s “driver.”

    (2) They have state police details because of legitimate security needs.

    Are you suggesting Donovan and Williams have drivers because they warrant them? Or would you agree that — especially in what we all agree are extraordinary financial times — these “legislative leaders” are fueling (!) their already grandiose egos at taxpayer expense?

  7. The word on the street is that in order to keep her “no new taxes” pledge Granny Rell is going to propose putting much of the deficit on the state credit card. (bonding) Unfortunately, her predecessor, Good Time Johnny, pretty much maxed out that puppy.

  8. AndersonScooper


    Why on Earth does Mike Fedele need a security detail. (That State Trooper could be saving lives patrollong our highways instead)?

    If that isn’t ego-driven waste, what is? I mean there is no security threat to the Lieut. Governor. No one knows his name, much less what he looks like.

    Anyway, let’s make a deal. You guys push Fedele to get rid of his driver/trooper, and we’ll push Donovan to follow suit.

    PS– does Cafero have hos own driver? Or does he carpool up from Fairfield County with McKinney?

  9. 1. AS claims no one knows the Lt. Gov’s name.
    2. AS knows the Lt. Gov name.
    Therefore, AS …remainder is left as an exercise for the student

  10. AndersonScooper

    Actually Gerard, I had to look up Fedele’s first name.

    I kept thinking it was Josh…

  11. AndersonScooper said:

    C’mon. They all have drivers. Even Chris Healy has a driver.

    No – and it’s time you knocked it off with that crap.

    AndersonScooper said:

    That State Trooper could be saving lives patrollong our highways instead

    European studies suggest that police cause accidents due largely to driver over-reaction.
    That’s among the reasons places such as the UK have gone to speed cameras.

    RedFive said

    I wouldn’t want to be the baseball-hat-wearing schlubb ..

    You know Scooper do you?

  12. AndersonScooper

    Chris Healy doesn’t have a driver? Scary.

    And you’re really saying our highways would be safer without State troopers patrolling?

    As to the name-calling, lol.

  13. ASC cracks me up. Talk about trying to divert attention with nonsense….

    To compare a state trooper driving Fedele or Rell to Williams hiring a driver is laughable. I believe the Gov and Lt Gov are assigned their drivers by Dept of Public Safety.

    Just like Kevin Sullivan had a car and driver when he was Lt Gov.

    Donnie has yet to explain the need for a driver at that cost.

    And Donovan….. he is losing all credibility.

    $165k for a press secretary. Oh my!

    We are going to go thr alot of pain real soon. I would be surprised if one part isn’t a substational decrease in the number of state employees, as well as pay concessions, furloughs and insurance givebacks. How can these two — esp Donovan, be at the table with a straight face??

  14. AndersonScooper


    You are a heckuva Republicrat!

    Personally, I don’t thing a private security detail for Lieut. Governor Fedele is justified.

    You can pretend it’s justifiable. Me, I’ll just have to disagree.

    As to Donovan having a driver, I’ll agree to questions, — But I won’t pretend it’s a huge departure from the past.

    We are talking about the same State Legislatue that is paying Michael Rell $71,000/yr for having Grandma Rell as his mum….

  15. $165k for a press secretary. Oh my!

    That’s just the head guy; he has a staff of 12 too, so what’s the total cost?

  16. “As to Donovan having a driver, I’ll agree to questions, — But I won’t pretend it’s a huge departure from the past.”

    Which is exactly why this is just another example of Donovan’s inability to think clearly.

    With a multi billion dollar hole to fill all of us are going to need to be part of a solution. That means we are all going to learn from the past and depart from the waste that got us here. The way we conducted the business of this state that got us into this mess will not provided the solutions we need if we hope to get out of this mess.

    Frankly I see little difference between auto execs foolishly flying to Washington on corp jets to beg for money, and high ranking members of a state that is billions in the hole needing drivers to drive them ( in this case) 18 miles from Meriden to Hartford.

  17. AS –

    In case you don’t remember, the first Lt. Gov to have state police protection was Eunice Groark as a result of several threats that she received having cast the deciding vote for the income tax back in the early 90’s.

    Having said that, our state’s economy is now seen in a much more bleak perspective than in 1991 and given the mentality of some of the people today – can you honestly say that you don’t think that the volume of threats has increased on the executive branch?

    People aren’t happy about having to trim $8B from a $32B budget. I understand that you were probably too young in the early 90’s to remember that, but now that you’re all grown up and have a better hold on CT politics…I mean, come on, really.

  18. AndersonScooper


    Your saying that Fedele is receiving threats?!

    Of course he isn’t, and by your logic Donovan should also receive State trooper protection, (and Amann too?!), to the extent that you wingers are trying to put him on the hot seat for the State’s budget woes.

    Which is just dumb all around.

    Gosh, I thought I made a reasonable suggestion. Get rid of Fedele’s unnecessary driver, and we’ll get rid of Donovan’s and Williams.

    Instead all I hear is weak bullshit about how Fedele’s state trooper driver is so necessary, when like the others it is so clearly not.

  19. Have them get a “right to carry” permit.

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