Blumenthal Not Running for Governor

A report coming in that Richard Blumenthal just announced he isn’t running for governor on WTIC.

CTNJ now saying the same.

He will run for yet another term as AG. And so ends yet another round of Blumenthal speculation. 1994, 1998, 2002, 2006 and now the 2010 cycle have all had lots of speculation regarding Blumenthal, and once again he has backed out of the race. He has done so a little later than expected, but earlier than he usually has (he waited until October, 2005, to announce his plans last time around).

Now we should expect Dan Malloy to enter the race sooner rather than later. Former Speaker Jim Amann will announce his candidacy in February, and Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz has also said she will be running. Other possible candidates include Senate President Pro Tem Donald Williams, Comptroller Nancy Wyman and New Haven Mayor John DeStefano.

See my gubernatorial prospects rundown for more on the current candidates.

UPDATE: Jim Amann was quick to capitalize on Blumenthal’s withdrawal, issuing a statement praising the AG and encouraging his supporters to join “Team Amann.”


20 responses to “Blumenthal Not Running for Governor

  1. Capitol Watch is reporting that East Hartford State Senator Gary LeBeau is interested in running for Governor in 2010. Did anyone see that coming?

    2010 could be a Governor’s race for the ages. With campaign finance reform, we could see a Malloy v. Amann. v. Bysiewicz v. DeStefano v. LeBeau v. Williams v. Wyman primary.

  2. Gary LeBeau? Seriously? Who else wants to toss their light-weight hat in the ring? How about Sen. Handley? Jeez, this roster of “who’s that” rather than “who’s who” even gives Don Williams gravitas in the race. Say hello to another term, Gov. Rell.

  3. easthartfordtaxpayer

    Capitol Watch is reporting that East Hartford State Senator Gary LeBeau is interested in running for Governor in 2010. Did anyone see that coming?

    That makes sense.

    I didn’t see that, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

    He’s been running a media storm in the last few days with this bullying and internet speech protection bills. I just reviewed the 28 bills he introduced so far and found only 25% of them acceptable.

    I think his trouble is that he overestimates his popularity and support because he hasn’t had to run a real campaign in a long time. He is also an avid practitioner of double think.

  4. Last time a state senator from East Hartford ran for governor, he got crushed in the primary by the Left (Bill Curry). LeBeau is much more liberal than Larson was at that time, but it’s still hard to imagine him rallying the progressives/liberals. Looking at the list of potentials though, it’s hard to imagine any one of them ‘sending a shiver up [the liberals’] legs.

    Maybe Lamont? Garagosian?

  5. So…today, Groundhog Day, Blumenthal announces he’s out…

    Dick’s Out on Groundhog Day.

  6. Did he see his shadow?

  7. Malloy is still the most credible candidate.

  8. Malloy and Wyman are the only two in this field who have both the name recognition and the qualifications. I hope they team up instead of splitting the smart and capable vote down the middle.

  9. AndersonScooper

    “Team Amann”??

    You mean that group of anti-gay, anti-choice, pro-Lieberman “Dems”?

    Or the people who miss Amann’s leadership?

  10. FIx the font size

  11. malloy vs. rell.


  12. Nancy Wyman estimates 2009 budget deficit to be $1.1B, after taking into account the $500M+ mitigation/recissions already enacted. It does not include the structural deficit of over $500B, caused by using the prior year’s surplus to fund on-going programs.

    Nice of her to lend a hand to Rell’s speech tonight.

  13. Here’s the Dunaway/Blumenthal’s interview.

    Was anyone really surprised?

  14. This is a great development for the Democratic Party, Blumenthal is to be commended for sticking to what he said and making his intentions for this cycle clear by the end of January.

    It means Malloy can run without the encumbrance of Party people waiting to see what Dick is really going to do.

    And that is a great development for the State of Connecticut, because it means that Malloy will be the Democratic nominee in 2010, and Governor come January 2011.

    In the interim, the fact that Malloy is officially in will have a very positive impact on the debate in Hartford.

    Great news.

  15. malloy vs. rell.

    Malloy could announce tomorrow.

  16. Malloy could announce tomorrow.


  17. If Rell announces her retirement tomorrow, does anyone think Bloomie is sitting on the sidelines? I doubt it.

    And if enough people jump in, there’s no guarantee Malloy gets it. Anyone, even Crusher, could win a primary if he only needs to get to 20%.

  18. AndersonScooper

    Chris Mc–

    Please don’t discount Susan Bysiewicz.

    On the issues, I’m not sure who I’d prefer, Malloy or Bysiewicz.

    But I do know that many of my political friends consider Susan more electable. After all she’s run and won statewide three times. (1998, 2002, 2006.)

    In her last election, in 2006, Susan received 729,000 votes, which was more than Rell’s 710,000!

    By contrast, the most people who have ever pulled the lever for Malloy in one election were the 131,000 who voted for him in the 2006 primary.


  19. Destefano beat Malloy in 2006 with about 50.1% of the vote.

    Glassman beat Slifka (something like) 2 to 1.

    Why the landslide victory for Glassman?

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