Initial Reaction to Budget Speech

My initial reaction is that the governor gave a strong speech, the best budget speech she has given.

I liked some of the ideas, and it’s easier to see what her vision here is.

However, it’s going to be very difficult for her to get even a majority of this into the final budget. So which elements will she fight for?

What did you think? I’ll post a more detailed analysis tonight.


7 responses to “Initial Reaction to Budget Speech

  1. No new or raised taxes – clearly the only thing she cares about…

  2. Initial reactions:

    While I applaud her desire to not raise taxes, it sure sounds a lot like “Read My Lips, No New Taxes” to me.

    Likewise, her desire to make government smaller sounds to similar to Norquist’s desire to get government down to the size that it can be drowned in a bathtub. I worry that she is following the path of the Federal government over the past decade in reducing oversight.

  3. “No new or raised taxes – clearly the only thing she cares about ”

    I respectfully disagree. I believe the light has finally gone on in her head. She understands state government is out of control and cannot be allowed to grow like a cancer. Certainly we will have some tax increases but at least she is making the effort to get government under control first. I give her credit for that.

  4. No new taxes. The feds are borrowing money to make ends meet, so the state will follow suit by borrowing from the rainy day fund. I think her ideas for cuts were great, but most will die on the floor. I also think this will be a long battle, if only in the hope that the stock market goes up or the federal government comes to the rescue.

  5. easthartfordtaxpayer

    It was a rather odd budget message. She basically said drastic cuts to reduce spending and allow for new social make work programs. It was an unprincipled mix of positions.

    You can’t say on one hand that residents can’t afford the state spending and then admit that you could have cut the budget further but chose to implement new make work programs in stead. Either way you are taking money from those who need it and can’t afford to give it up.

  6. If we can get her to show up at the GOP State Central meeting this month; she’ll receive the warmest reception she’s ever gotten, and probably a standing ovation in excess of 2 or 3 minutes.

    We’ve always liked her; now we love her.

  7. The single greatest threat to the Connecticut economy is the loss of jobs. Rell’s budget does less than nothing to address this. In fact, she uses stimulus money from the feds to produce an anti-stimulus budget in CT — cancelling out any benefit of DC money. Targetted revenue increases (taxes for the wealthy and for corporations on welfare) and greater efficiencies is the way to go. Oh yeah, this budget is mean spirited and a little bit vengeful too.

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