White House Details State-by-State Stimulus

The White House sent out a release today touting their stimulus plans, and what they could mean for each state. The plan is currently working its way through the Senate, and will probably see some substantial revision before it is passed. Both Sens. Dodd and Lieberman want to see some revision of the plan.

Click on the link below to see see some ways that the Obama plan could benefit our state, according to the release:

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan is a nationwide effort to create jobs, jumpstart growth and transform our economy for the 21st century. Across the country, this plan will help businesses create jobs and families afford their bills while laying a foundation for future economic growth in key areas like health care, clean energy, education and a 21st century infrastructure. In Connecticut, this plan will deliver immediate, tangible impacts, including:

  • Creating or saving 43,700 jobs over the next two years. Jobs created will be in a range of industries from clean energy to health care, with over 90% in the private sector. [Source: White House Estimate based on Romer and Bernstein, “The Job Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan.” January 9, 2009.]
  • Providing a making work pay tax cut of up to $1,000 for 1,350,000 workers and their families. The plan will make a down payment on the President’s Making Work Pay tax cut for 95% of workers and their families, designed to pay out immediately into workers’ paychecks. [Source: White House Estimate based on IRS Statistics of Income]
  • Making 30,000 families eligible for a new American Opportunity Tax Credit to make college affordable. By creating a new $2,500 partially refundable tax credit for four years of college, this plan will give 3.8 million families nationwide – and 30,000 families in Connecticut – new assistance to put college within their reach. [Source: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities analysis of U.S. Census data]
  • Offering an additional $100 per month in unemployment insurance benefits to 278,000 workers in Connecticut who have lost their jobs in this recession, and providing extended unemployment benefits to an additional 45,000 laid-off workers. [Source: National Employment Law Project]
  • Providing funding sufficient to modernize at least 80 schools in Connecticut so our children have the labs, classrooms and libraries they need to compete in the 21st century economy. [Source: White House Estimate]
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    One response to “White House Details State-by-State Stimulus

    1. Why, WTF? Just $2 billion? That and the Rainy Day Fund give us $3 billion. Chris Donovan must be upset… I know he thought Obama was going to fly over the Capitol (semi-nude to please the ladies!) in a golden chariot, tossing cash out over our state government, to settle like a thick green snow on everything Democrats love!

      What a political diaper pie.

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