2010 Races: Secretary of the State

Shelly Sindland (who is on fire) has information that Kevin Sullivan might be interested in running for Secretary of the State if Susan Bysiewicz is busy running for governor instead of running for re-election.

That’s an interesting thought. Sullivan, if you remember, was President Pro Tem of the Senate before his unwilling promotion to Lt. Governor upon the departure of John Rowland. He made an abortive attempt at running for governor in 2005, but eventually backed out when support didn’t materialize.

Back in 2005, when Bysiewicz first flirted with running for governor, a logjam of Democrats crowded the race to succeed her. They were Audrey Blondin, Rep. Andrew Fleischmann, then-Rep. Evelyn Mantilla, John Nussbaum, Norma Rodriguez-Reyes and Bob Mandino. Fleischmann was considered the favorite, and raised quite a bit of money for the race. All but Rodriguez-Reyes dropped their challenges when Bysiewicz left the governor’s race to seek re-election in September, 2005, and she was handily defeated at the state convention in 2006.

Some of these names may resurface, including Fleischmann (though if he did re-enter the race with Sullivan already in, it would touch off the Battle of West Hartford. The yard signs would be huge, and everywhere). There may be plenty of other ambitious Democrats out there who have their eye on the office, which is considered a springboard to bigger and better things. After all, both Ella Grasso and Barbara Kennelly held the office.

If Bysiewicz truly does forgo re-election in order to focus on her nascent gubernatorial campaign, there will be a truly epic primary come August, 2010.


7 responses to “2010 Races: Secretary of the State

  1. Republitarian

    Oh please, Kevin Sullivan is a has been.
    He’s got baggage too.
    Remember the Culinary Institute debacle? “In a “Northeast” magazine article, Kevin Rennie wrote that the Connecticut Culinary Institute in Farmington had plans to provide $2,750 in free food for Lt. Kevin Sullivan’s event on Block Island as part of a legislative conference at Mohegan Sun. The institute’s spokeswoman, Brooke Baran, is Sullivan’s former press secretary and the daughter of Bradley Baran, president and owner of the for-profit school. Sullivan had requested the donation and Democrats in the legislature included $3.5 million in property improvements for the school in this year’s bond package. (Hartford Courant, July 31) ”
    Yeah – we need his kind of politics in the SOTS office.

    As for Fleischmann – he’s another beauty.
    He never met a social program he didn’t like.
    The guy is a Socialist.
    Plus he is great union front man. Remember HARC? He was one of 16 CT legislators who signed the letter to the Hartford Association of Retarded Citizens (HARC), and told them to vote to bring in District 1199 of the health care workers union with a veiled threat of “do it” or risk losing their state funding!

    “This gang of legislators, who are elected to represent all citizens of Connecticut, not just labor union special interests, told HARC employees that the legislators “pay attention” to the union when it comes time to “increase the funding for Developmental Disability programs.”

    And there is the threat. The agency receives 85 percent of its revenue from the state. This gang of thuggish politicians tells employees that if they want to continue receiving government funding, they had better do what the Democratic majority in the General Assembly tells them to do: Vote for the union.” – (Hartford Courant. Hartford, Conn.: Jan 15, 2006. pg. C.3)

    State Sens. John Fonfara, Eric Coleman, Gary LeBeau, Mary Ann Handley and Jonathan Harris.

    State Reps. Minnie Gonzalez, Evelyn Mantilla, Marie Kirkley-Bey, Art Feltman, Douglas McCrory, Andrew Fleischmann, David McCluskey, Tim O’Brien, John Geragosian, Peter Tercyak and Margaret Sayers.”

    Sullivan and Fleischmann:
    We need those two as Secretary of the State like we need Cholera.

  2. Shelly Sindland (who is on fire)

    GC… do you have an “Amann” on Shelly Sindland?!?! haha… j/k. (I loved her post on Dodd’s Docs… it would’ve been perfect if Sadie had done her “work” on those so-called released documents. She would’ve been speaking for much of the electorate.)


    Richard Abbate will try again on the GOP side.

    And perhaps a related question… whatever happened with Fleischman’s elected position of insurance commissioner?

  3. And perhaps a related question… whatever happened with Fleischman’s elected position of insurance commissioner?

    I believe that’s being proposed again. I could be wrong, but I thought I saw that come up this year.

  4. Yup – he proposed that bill

    To require that the Insurance Commissioner be a state-wide elected official.
    Introduced by: Rep. Andrew M. Fleischmann, 18th Dist.

  5. Does it include a clause that prohibits the “introducer” from running for the open seat?

    I think we should create 187 new Constitutional offices, each with six figure salaries and staffs of 10 or more.

    Why 187? I dunno. Just came to me.

  6. I think its Bob Landino, not Mandino.

  7. With Bysiewicz not running for re-election (supposedly), the GOP has no excuse not to make a serious go at the seat. As GC pointed out, it’s a great launching pad for bigger and better things.

    State Rep. Themis Klarides should take a serious look at running for the office.

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