Shays: Embezzlement Documents Filed

The Stamford Advocate reports that amended campaign finance reports that detail what Shays says is embezzlement on the part of his former campaign manager, Michael Sohn, were to be filed tonight with the FEC.

Here are the eleven reports filed this evening:

Covering Period 01/01/2007 Through 03/31/2007
Covering Period 04/01/2007 Through 06/30/2007
Covering Period 07/01/2007 Through 09/30/2007
Covering Period 10/01/2007 Through 12/31/2007
Covering Period 01/01/2008 Through 03/31/2008
Covering Period 04/01/2008 Through 04/20/2008
Covering Period 04/21/2008 Through 06/30/2008
Covering Period 07/01/2008 Through 09/30/2008
Covering Period 10/01/2008 Through 10/15/2008
Covering Period 10/16/2008 Through 11/24/2008
Covering Period 11/25/2008 Through 12/31/2008

As for Sohn, he was subpoenaed by a grand jury last month, but the article doesn’t mention whether he’s back in the States.


5 responses to “Shays: Embezzlement Documents Filed

  1. Meriden Record Journal has a new community blog section…

    And GC… thanks for the Himes liveblog. My only suggestion… Himes time was better for me than Fedele’s time… normally at work during the day, so can’t blog.

  2. AndersonScooper

    Something tells me the complete story on this is far from being told.

    How did Michael Sohn think he was going to get away with embezzling close to $200,000, if that’s what actually happened?

    Are we missing out on somethings, relationship-wise?

    I just don’t understand how Sohn, (if he is indeed the guilty party), could think no one would miss $150,000-$200,000 in unauthorized expenditures.

    For the record, Sohn got married this past summer. And most newlyweds are looking to the immediate future, and not committing financial hari-kari.

    Who knows? Perhaps Shays’ internal polling was that bad…

  3. Scoop… that’s pretty harsh.

    Besides, he only lost by 3 points.

    I think Shays’ worst moment was when (if I recall correctly) he started defending Clemens. Then to top it off, Mike & the Mad Dog tattooed Shays… and rightfully so on that nonsense.

  4. On a completely unrelated scandal . . .,0,3831047.story

    Why was Judge Cofield not “recomended for removal” from the bench for this disgraceful conduct. 240 days may be historically severe, but this is not the type of judge I want to see on the bench in this “era of responsibility”.

  5. Michael Sohn served as Shays’ campaign manager for many years. Are we supposed to believe that Sohn just decided to stick his fingers in the cookie jar this year? Nothing happened over the past several campaigns? Sort of defies common sense.

    This might just put paid to Chris Shays’ desires to run the Peace Corps. Not a lot of faith in a guy who is supposed to be a champion of campaign finance reform, but who couldn’t figure out that hundreds of thousands of dollars were being embezzled. The Peace Corps budget isn’t huge, but it’s big enough to make sure it’s well looked after.

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