Dodd: the Book

Remember how Sen. Chris Dodd’s poll numbers are terrible?

Well, apparently he thinks a book deal will make things better:

Crown senior editor Sean Desmond has acquired a history of the congressional bailout of the financial markets by Sen. Christopher J. Dodd with Lary Bloom. Titled Thirteen Days: How the Financial Crisis Changed the Politics of Washington, the book will provide an intimate look at how, over the course of 13 days last September, a financial crisis led to panic and meltdown. Dodd, the chair of the Senate banking committee, will also describe how he and others acted swiftly to try to save the American economy. Crown has world rights via Esther Newberg and will publish this June.

June can’t come soon enough! The CTLP Book Reviews staff eagerly awaits.

Seriously, Dodd’s going to paint himself as someone who “acted swiftly to try to save the American economy”? This should be fun. If you’ve noticed, the American economy isn’t exactly saved… so is this a story of failure? And how will he explain what he was doing during the run-up to the crisis?

If you think Dodd’s book deal has escaped the notice of the NRSC, think again. The National Republican Senatorial Committee, as Capitol Watch notes, has recently discovered Connecticut, and has been sending out unflattering email about our senior senator. Here’s what they had to say about the book deal:

A more apt title would be ‘13 Weeks: The Senate Banking Committee Chairman’s Time in Iowa While the Housing Market Collapsed.’

Ouch. Though to be fair, Dodd only actually moved to Iowa for about 8-9 weeks.

And yet, that’s part of the reason why Dodd’s poll numbers are so bad. Voters weren’t happy at the time that he neglected his Senate duties and went as far as enrolling his daughter in an Iowa kindergarten during his run for president; the benefit of hindsight is making things that much worse.

This is also making national news, as a lot of this Dodd stuff seems to be lately. Still no word on whether Rob Simmons or another top-tier Republican is going to get into this race.

UPDATE: Dodd really should have picked out his title from our list of winners, back from 2006. You can see it here and the follow-up here. We are literary geniuses over here.


9 responses to “Dodd: the Book

  1. AndersonScooper


    If Dodd isn’t careful, he’s going to be the Kennedy scalp the GOP could never acquire.

    On a brighter note, it looks like the Senate Banking Committee is going to take on the Credit Card industry’s abusive practices. However no mention of capping interest rates. The Fed rate is at 0%, yet if you are a down on your luck consumer, you get to pay 25 or 30%…

  2. The trick here is narrowing the scope of the book to 13 days, a painless way to escape scrutiny. The housing bubble was partially caused by Dodd and Barney Frank years before the bubble burst. And he had much more than 13 days to fix it. It reminds you of the patricide who murdered his father and then threw himself on the mercy of the court as an orphan. In the book, Dodd is a problem parading as a solution — for 13 days. How a fairly honest writer like Bloom allowed himselfd to get involved with this charade is a mystery.

  3. An election is a referendum on the incumbent. The alternative then must be credible.

    I suspect either Rob Simmons or Peter Schiff would be viewed as credible.

    GC… I know you discount Schiff, but the Campaign for Liberty

    has over 100,000 members nationwide (1,000 in CT)… I believe Peter Schiff would get great traction with us… and that’s a support base that many will agree is truly remarkable, both with money and passion.

    In fact there were nearly 20 people at the Hartford area “Draft Peter Schiff” meetup last Saturday in Newington. So if we organize and if he enters the fray, it’d be hard to dismiss Peter Schiff in 12 months.

  4. Sure, but is Schiff actually interested?

  5. So let’s get this straight, a Senator who is perceived as out of touch with the day-to-day concerns of Connecticut is going to write a book about an economic crisis that happened on his watch, brought about in large part by people he was supposed to be overseeing (people who paid for his frivolous White House run) and is going to do this right before he enters the election of his life? Will he go on a promotional book tour? How much of his time/energy/focus will this suck up? Is his priority representing CT in Washington or rehabilitating his national image?

    This is his second book in only a few years. If he’s so interested in a literary career then he can write volumes and volumes of work when he retires. This is a waste of time and will do nothing help CT.

  6. I’m confident he’ll run… we just need to show some love first…

  7. He’s going off the deep end.

  8. Any narrative that Dodd concocts to extricate himself from the mess he helped create is bound to be eclipsed by the story of the economic terrorism of Sept 11, 2008, That is, if we are ever allowed to know about it. see:
    Who Attacked Our Economy? Why Does No One Care?
    Electronic Run on the Banks

    According to NY Times today Dodd is the porker who inserted the exec comp caps deep within the Porkulus package

  9. Dodd Meltdown Continues

    Who would have imagined that five years ago Senator Chris Dodd would become one of the vilest villains?

    Connecticut residents are turning on him in droves as they see themselves become jobless and homeless

    Please add our site to your blogs.

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