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Let’s not go against what this government — and everybody loves this Obama. Everybody said he’s the [devil]. I think we should check the back of his head to see if he has 666 there but that is another issue.”

–Southington Democratic town councilman Art Secondo, on President Obama. Where did that come from? You can see it in it’s original context in the town meeting minutes here, though the word “devil” has been replaced by three dashes. The strange digression came in the middle of a long, rambling speech about the economy.

(I had originally wanted to do the Quote of the Day on Rep. Piscopo’s global warming denial, but this is far stranger)

UPDATE: Secondo, who has apologized for the remark, states that he never said the word “devil.”


12 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. This would have made a great Quote of the Day yesterday:

    What is true, however, is that the rates of warming, on multiple time scales, have now invalidated the midrange suite of IPCC climate models. No, the science is not settled. In fact, judging from these results, it’s time for climate scientists to get back to work and generate models which will be able to estimate the recent past and present within their normal confidence ranges.

    Until that is done, all we know is this: calculations of the costs of inaction, based upon models that are clearly overestimating warming to the point that they can no longer be relied upon, are likely to be similarly overestimated. In that eventuality, the costs of drastic action can easily outweigh the costs of a more measured response, consistent with what is being observed, rather than what is being erroneously modeled.

    Testimony of Patrick J. Michaels, Senior Fellow in Environmental Studies, Cato Institute, Washington, D.C., and Research Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va., to the Subcommittee on Energy and Environment of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, U.S. House of Representatives, February 12, 2009.

  2. I’ve gotten in trouble with my own party plenty of times because Art and I are known to be good friends.

    Now he’s finally inoculated me!

    Of course it isn’t true, Obama’s not the devil.

    Chris Murphy’s the devil, everyone knows that.

  3. Art Secondo was the only Democrat on Southington’s Town Council brave and bold enough to oppose Chief Jack Daly appointing the police equivalent of an intern to the rank of Captain. I’m a little disappointed that one of only a few local politicians actually predisposed to doing the right thing would say something so outrageous.

    I’m sure (I hope!!) there’s some sarcasm there that we can’t detect in print.

  4. AndersonScooper

    P.39 folks, if you don’t want to scroll through the whole thing….

  5. I’m not in the habit of defending the honor of Democrats.
    However I would be remiss were I to fail to step up for Art Secondo who I know to be a decent honorable man, and more driven by altruism than gain .

    Art Secondo was the only Democrat on Southington’s Town Council brave and bold enough ..

    He’s got a set – no question.

    No one would ever accuse Artie of not being his own man; and God only knows he’ll speak his mind.

    While he (nor anyone else) is always “right”; Secondo’s heart belongs to the Town of Southington more than anyone else I’ve ever met.

    I would suggest that instead of taking a flip remark out of context, that the casual reader might take the link on the original post and read starting with Art’s remarks on page 36 that go on continually for pages.

    I think after reading the preceding 2 or 3 pages, most will agree Art owes no one an explanation nor an apology.

  6. Whether he owes anyone an apology or not, he did give one. See the story in the Meriden Record-Journal.

  7. If you want to know if he was being “sarcastic” watch the meeting live! It was not sarcasm but an endless stream of babbling… intended to make him look good to the voters. It was NOT an emotional point in the meeting, as others have used as an excuse for his behavior. He was “insulted” (his word) that residents would question the council. What? Isn’t that what our rights are? It was unprofessional, disrespectful, irresponsible and inexcusable!
    What would have happened if Ed Pocock (a cop in his real life), Chris Palmieri (an educator) the other town council members who have public jobs had made the same comment?? Would it be just Ed being Ed? Chris being Chris? Absolutely not! That comment speaks volumes for the thinking in his head – imagine what he didn’t share?
    How about if a student had made that comment? This is our President, like him or not, the Office of the President should be respected. You can not serve public office and have a lapse of good judgement as serious as this one.

  8. Somebody really needs to capture the video and put it online.

  9. no global warming…
    Obama the devil…

    i don’t remember falling on the ice and banging my head – but considering last time I checked this was happening in CT – I can’t come up with any other explanation…

  10. Pelto?

    The only Democratic brainiac in Connecticut posting something?

    Geesh, if the Dems ever woke up and listened to you at all they’d be able to take advantage of their numerical superiority.

    Hopefully, they’ll never figure that out.

  11. Let’s not go against what this government — and everybody loves this Obama. Everybody said he’s the [devil]. I think we should check the back of his head to see if he has 666 there but that is another issue.”

    The word “devil” isn’t there because Art never used it.

    Let’s keep our facts straight shall we?

    I recognize it’s such fun draw and quartering anyone who has the audacity to question the messiah that those on the left simply can’t control themselves.

    But facts are troublesome things; we can all have our own opinions, not our own facts.

    Making up new one’s as we go along is cheating.

  12. I heard that he did say devil, but that apparently was wrong. Since everything else I was told checked out with the quote in the minutes, I used it. I waited for days to write anything at all until the meeting minutes were available to check for myself.
    But, really, is pondering whether Obama is the anti-Christ really better than calling him the devil?
    Beyond that, can’t somebody post this video so we can all see what he did and said?

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