Lamont Not Running

For those people interested in seeing Ned Lamont take a shot at either the governor’s office or Chris Dodd’s U.S. Senate seat, prepare to be disappointed:

“This is the time for Connecticut to make the big changes that are so long overdue,” Lamont said. “We as a country and we as a state have consistently underestimated the scale of the issues and crisis in front of us.”
Lamont said he was not considering a run for either the governor’s seat or a senate seat. (Craven)

Lamont was giving a speech at Central Connecticut State University. He is not pleased with the governor’s budget proposal.

Craven, James. “Lamont speech blasts Rell’s budget, says CCSU panel will propose fixes.” New Britain Herald 19 February, 2009.


2 responses to “Lamont Not Running

  1. I figured Ned wasn’t interested in running for Gov, and he won’t primary Chris Dodd if he runs again in 2010. But if Dodd retires, which is entirely plausible, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Lamont make some noises towards that end.

    We all know it only takes Ned about 6 months to go from utter obscurity to Democratic front-runner, so we’re not in any hurry.

  2. All hope is not lost for a fourth Democrat joining the 2010 campaign. Shelly Sindland’s blog says Scott Bates, the Vice President of a Washington think tank, is looking at the race.

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