Shays, Murphy on Murtha/PMA List

CQ Politics is running a story listing the nearly 1/4 of the House (104 members) who helped clients for a lobbying firm (PMA) with ties to Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) secure earmarks in the 2008 Pentagon spending bill. Here’s the full list.

Rep. Chris Murphy is on it. He helped to secure $400,000 in earmarks for that bill, in cooperation with others, for PMA clients. However, he hasn’t received any PMA campaign cash. The list indicates that Murphy didn’t receive any PMA contributions from 2001-2008, which isn’t surprising considering he wasn’t elected until 2006.

Former Rep. Chris Shays, on the other hand, did receive $1,000 from that group, and secured $1.6 million in earmarks for PMA clients. He did this on his own, not with others, according to the list.

Larson Got Cash From PMA

John Larson did also get some contributions that could be tied to the group, but he did not secure earmarks for them in the 2008 Pentagon spending bill. Larson was the only member of the leadership who didn’t secure any earmarks for PMA clients for that bill. Good for him?

This story is only now starting to brew, we’ll see how far it goes in the next few days.

Connecticut’s delegation might be well-served, however, by backing quickly away from Rep. Murtha.


9 responses to “Shays, Murphy on Murtha/PMA List

  1. One must wonder what the PMA Group got in exchange for the $38,000 that its given to John Larson over the the years?

    This past cycle, for example, contributors associated with PMA gave Larson’s Campaign Committee a total of $16,000 alone. Thats the fifth most from any single source!!

    Also, one should not dismiss Chris Murphy’s involvement in this:

    Oneof the first votes that Chris Murphy cast when he came to Washington as a Congressman-Elect was a vote for John Murtha for Majority Leader.

    Steny Hoyer ultimatelydefeated Murtha in the race.

    In November of 2006, Murphy told the New Britain Herald he voted for Murtha because Murtha was a good friend of Rep. John Larson

    Said Murphy: “I supported Murtha. He and John Larson are great friends, and a friend of John Larson’s is a friend of mine.”

    I see trouble ahead.

  2. I’m tired of hearing about how someone gave $2,300, therefore the elected official must be a crook. Just seems ridiculous to me.

    Obama gets $30,000 from Stanford… so Obama’s got some sort of ethical problem? I mean, didn’t he raise nearly a billion dollars? Mostly from small dollar donors?

  3. But Murtha may have some serious problems… I blogged about Murtha’s dealings a few mos ago. Just check out this NYTimes lead:

    They do not seem the most likely classical music patrons: Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

    But together, these defense contractors are donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the symphony orchestra in Johnstown, Pa., underwriting performances of Mozart and Wagner in this struggling former steel town. A defense lobbying firm, the PMA Group, even sprang for a Champagne reception at the symphony’s opera festival last month.

    Company representatives say they are being generous corporate citizens. But the orchestra is also a beloved charity of Representative John P. Murtha, Democrat of Pennsylvania, whose Congressional committee hands out lucrative defense contracts, and whose wife, Joyce, is a major booster of the symphony.

    “She just loves knowing that we have an orchestra that is the quality of a larger city orchestra,” the symphony executive director, Patricia Hofscher, said of Mrs. Murtha.

    I like Murphy, Himes, Courtney, etc. But Dodd, Murtha, Rangel and others have been around way too long.

  4. sorry… block quote was messed up… there were four paragraphs that should have been blocked.

  5. Seems a little silly…Murphy’s been pretty upfront about disclosing all his earmark requests, and they’re all still on his website last time I checked.

    Besides — he didn’t get any money! It’s really kinda hard to argue there’s something fishy going on here.

  6. Murphy is one of seven members to receive no money, so I’m not sure what he did wrong. I think it’s an odd metric to be penalized for earmarks you sought “with others”…I’m not sure what that even means, but it seems like you could be one of 10 or 20 members seeking a (likely noncontroversial) earmark and all of a sudden you’re caught up in this.

  7. Is Pratt & Whitney, Larson’s hometown employer, a member of the PMA Group? Just asking.

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