Amann Finds Work

It’s hard to find a job in this tough economy. Give Jim Amann some credit, he’s managed to find a couple of them. First, he almost got a job working for his former caucus, which would have landed him a six-figure salary while he runs for governor. Public outcry forced him to withdraw. Now Amann has founded his own company:

Amann has started his own marketing company, American Resources Unlimited, a move he hopes will supplement his income as he runs for governor, he said Friday.

American Resources Unlimited is described by Amann as a marketing company designed to network between industries. (Tinley)

…Huh. What, exactly, does Amann know about marketing? His former non-public job was as a fundraiser for an MS foundation.

Amann did make it clear that this company can’t have anything to do with the state government, as per ethics rules. He doesn’t have any clients yet, though he says he’s “close” to a couple of deals.

Tinley, James. “Amann, out of turmoil, forms company.” New Haven Register 22 February, 2009.

One response to “Amann Finds Work

  1. I can’t wait to see the results of Crusher’s work. I’m sure it won’t include any quid pro quos. We all know that Crusher would never get involved in such shenanigans.

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