Simmons on Face the State

Watch video here.

Simmons sure looks and sounds like a candidate, though he made no announcement. The moment when he hands his mortgage papers to Dennis House is priceless.

Simmons does a lot of talking about his own strengths, but attacks Dodd on his move to Iowa and his mortgage, among other things.


16 responses to “Simmons on Face the State

  1. Well, I watched, and well, Jaysus, I am just sayin’ – “Yawn.”

    A Judd Gregg clone; we can do better with Dodd, all teh mortgage mania included (and hubris-lite!) .

    Creepy clock/calendar-turned-to-1978 kinda guy Rob. My teenage sons hitting job-entry stage in Connecticut, with him in U.S. Senate until Twenty-sixteen? Whoa.

    How can anyone reckon any verve or new ideas in this guy, for this is certainly what the future will require?


  2. I am still curious as to why Simmons was not able to get the 2nd submarine when he had a majority and president. I asked Courtney how he did it with a republican majority and he said ” I went to the appropriation committee”. There is a disconnect here and I still would like an answer .

  3. Courtney came in with the democratic majority, he wasn’t in DC under the GOP majority.

    The best thing that ever happened to Joe was winning by 83 votes. That’s why he got the submarine.

  4. I guess this was filmed before Sam Caligiuri threw his name into consideration. I would have liked to hear Simmons’ thoughts on a potential primary. Still, given that House asked about Shays possibly running, it looks like Simmons is in regardless of what other Republicans might do.

    I agree with GC, the mortgage papers moment was great. That’s something Chris Dodd still has yet to do.

    It looks like there will be more trouble for the Senator given Kevin Rennie’s column today.

  5. AndersonScooper

    Simmons is going to lose by twenty points to either Blumenthal or Bysiewicz. That’s once Dodd wakes up and retires.

    If I were Bysie I’d switch gears now. Her chances against Rell are much smaller than her chances at Dodd’s seat. And I wouldn’t be afraid to publicly consider a primary to Dodd, given his abysmal polling.

    No CT Dem wants to lose a US Senate seat to the Republicans, especially not because of one man’s ego and sense of entitlement.

    PS– if Simmons isn’t currently within five points of Dodd, I’ll kiss Jim Amann…

  6. If you watch the video, you’ll notice that in each time Simmons is asked why he is running the only thing he can come up with is Dodd’s mortgage. No policy was discussed during the entire interview. This looks to me like Simmons is moderate enough to know that he disagrees with the direction the national party is taking or he agrees with the party and knows the obstructionist BS that has been coming out of their mouths since Obama took office is getting no traction among voters. Either way, this certainly says something about the Republican brand these days…

  7. AndersonScooper


    I just read Rennie’s column, and you are right. There’s more shit coming down the pike for Senator Dodd.,0,4471645.column

    My guess is that if the GOP has gone to the trouble of snagging Dodd’s Ireland land records, they’ve already got his DC records, which reportedly show more of these “co-purchases”, including one involving Ed Downe directly. (I just did a half hour’s Googling about Ed Downe — his society life, the insider trading, and the Clinton pardon.)

    What further damage will this cause to Dodd? I don’t know. The shit seems to be old, dating back to the 80’s and 90’s. What does it mean to “co-purchase” a house together with someone like Ed Downe? Is something like that just an investment, a friendly gift, or a potential pay-off? Was it a common practice back in the day, and was it even illegal given the old ethic rules?

    In any case it doesn’t look good when a Bear Stearns director A) co-owns your DC residence, B) gets convicted of insider trading, and C) then gets a pardon via your direct intervention. (without anyone seemingly knowing about A).

  8. Simmons looked like a dweeb. His laugh at the end was quite odd, too. He scares no one.

  9. Forget Bysciewicz or Blumenthal. The seat is Murphy’s for the taking, and he will take it.

  10. AndersonScooper

    If and when Dodd’s numbers end up in the 30’s, will Murphy step up to the plate? Or will he wait until the Presidential cycle in 2012?

    The likelihood is that Dodd never steps down, and either Democrats retire him via a primary, or we chance the seat against Simmons, or another Republican.

    The only good thing is that watching that video, Simmons comes across as my grandfather’s Oldsmobile….

  11. The only good thing is that watching that video, Simmons comes across as my grandfather’s Oldsmobile….

    Leading some to ask – when is House interviewing Caligiuri?

  12. On another note, the parent company of the Journal-Inquirer filed for Chapter 11 Saturday…

  13. The Journal Inquirer is not connected with the Register papers. It’s privately owned.

  14. “What does it mean to “co-purchase” a house together with someone like Ed Downe?”

    It’s a good question. Land records in Washington show that Dodd Made three real estate purchases there.

    Dodd, it would appear from glancing at the public land records in Washington DC, is not only an accomplished congressman; he is a super real-estate maestro.

    1) 508 E Street, S.E. Washington DC was co-owned by the Dodds and Sanford Bomstein and wife. Bombstein was the bagman implicated in Sen. Tom Dodd’s scandal. That property was sold to Sean Roach for $10, and the filing date was 8/20/95. You can buy a lot (no pun intended) for ten dollars in Washington; some politicians are even cheeper.

    2) Property number 2 was a condo at 2153 California Street, N.W., #602. This was the one Dodd bought in partnership with Edward R. Downe, later to be convicted of insider trading and pardoned by President Bill Clinton – the pardoner-in-chief – upon Dodd’s recommendation. That condo was purchased 4/29/86 for $159,800 and the filing date was 5/2/86. The Downes sold their share of the condo to Dodd for $10.00 (that’s ten dollars, no decimal error). Dodd sold the condo (filing date 10/27/99) to Annie Davis.

    3) The third property was a townhouse at #8, 7th Street, N.E. Washington DC. Dodd and his second wife Jackie Clegg purchased the property when they first married. The sellers were Dodd’s former aide, now Rep. Rosa DeLauro, and her husband Stanley Greenberg, pollster to political stars. That deed was dated 10/15/99, and the filing date was 10/25/99. The price of that one was the usual going price for townhouses in tonier sections of Washington — $10.00 (that’s ten dollars) – which sort of makes you wonder why those of Dodd’s constituents who lost their homes do not immediately take their tax credits from President Barack Obama to Washington, where they certainly could purchase several hundred townhouses and sell them at a profit to homeless congressmen.

    Does anyone smell a rotten mackerel rotting in the moonlight here. Or is it just me?

    For more on the illustrious Mr. Downe, a former journalist by the way, see here.

  15. The likelihood is that Dodd never steps down, and either Democrats retire him via a primary, or we chance the seat against Simmons, or another Republican.

    Agreed. When Lamont ran against Lieberman, he had nothing to lose – he was an unknown millionaire with time on his hands and reaped the benefits of divided Dem town committees. That is not the case with Murphy. He has A LOT to lose by challenging Dodd. If Dodd leaves (which he won’t), expect Blumenthal to jump in and then Murphy would be up in 2012 to run against Lieberman. If Dodd runs again, I guess there could be a Murphy/Blumenthal primary but I’m not sure how well that would turn out for Murphy. Time will tell I guess.

  16. AndersonScooper

    Murphy has more juice than Blumenthal, even if little Dick might not realize it yet.

    Mucho passion among many about sending Murphy to the US Senate. A 67 year old Blumenthal, eh, not so much.

    What DTC’ers are coming to understand is that if Dick really cared about Democrats he would have carried the torch against Rell and helped us win the Governorship.

    Anyway, Blummie criticisms aside, I am on the record saying it makes no sense for CT Dems to risk losing a US Senate seat via a damaged Dodd, not when we have Blumenthal waiting in the wings with a 79% approval rating.

    PS– if the damage to Dodd was not of his own making, I’d be more loyal. But his numbers aren’t at 40% because he pushed Dem legislation…

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