Stimulus Benefits for Connecticut Detailed

The White House is doing all it can to make sure local media knows how the newly-signed stimulus package is benefiting their states. A new release from them says that the president informed governors this morning that states will be able to access the first two quarters of FMAP funding, which is the federal match for Medicaid, starting on Wednesday.

Connecticut can expect $274 million in FMAP funds from the bill. You can take a look at a chart comparing FMAP grants to states here.

The president spoke with governors at the winter meeting of the National Governors’ Association. Missing from the event was Gov. Rell, who is awaiting the birth of a grandchild.

Dodd Sends Stimulus Resource Guide to Towns

Sen. Dodd today sent out a resource guide for towns outlining various stimulus programs and what towns can do to benefit from the plan. According to the release:

The packet provides Connecticut town officials with valuable information on many federal programs and funding opportunities available to individuals, communities and businesses in Connecticut as a result of the recently-passed economic recovery package. The guide also provides the contact information for important state and federal agencies to obtain additional detailed information.

You can see the guide here (PDF).


2 responses to “Stimulus Benefits for Connecticut Detailed

  1. Do these things all expire after two or three years or do they go for perpetuity? (I’m not talking about one off things like building a road). If they expire in 2 years or so, then will the local municipality or the state be expected to pick up the cost?

  2. Does the package show how we can get a piece of the bailout pie through the recently added branch of the Federal Government, ACORN?
    I mean, with the passing and signing of the Economic Recovery and Housing Bill in July which gives ACORN 500 million a year in taxpayer money throught the Affordable housing trust fund, the the recent 4 billion plus they now have access too, thanks again to Barny Franks and Chris Dodd. When will anyone start questioning the incestuous connection between the Democrat Party and Acorn, especially Dodd?

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