Rell: It Could Be Worse

Well, it could be. Gov. Rell today tried to strike a positive tone on the economy today when she spoke with business leaders in Hartford:

She said while the state has lost jobs, “it’s not as bad as we thought it would be.” She said there are also new jobs being created in the state, mostly in the film industry.

Turning the economy around may take longer than “we hoped, but we will get through it,” Rell said.

Take a look at the article to see new unemployment figures, and to read how Rell thinks negotiations with state employee unions are going (hint: not well). Rell still hopes to avoid layoffs.

As an aside, I’m getting most of my news from the Capitol from CTNJ these days.

Stuart, Christine. “Rell Strikes Upbeat Note On Economy.” CT News Junkie 4 March, 2009.

6 responses to “Rell: It Could Be Worse

  1. CTNJ is real good for Hartford stuff.

    For my local news, I prefer the Meriden RJ over the NH Register and Waterbury RA.

    And for national news, I just recently started using Bloomberg often does really in depth pieces. Yesterday they had an article on the looming $1 trillion bailout for state / local pensions that are underfunded nationwide. I copied and pasted to word… it was nine pages long in print size 8… just an amazing amount of detail for a daily.

    The reason I got turned onto bloomberg was when I googled “freedom of information” and geithner and found that Bloomberg was one of the few to report his opposition to transparency… and also they did a great job reporting on it. I actually emailed the reporter (Mark Pittman) a few times… thanking him for doing the job that Congress fails to do. And I rarely bother to thank a reporter… but his stuff was just too important to let pass unnoticed.

  2. I’m liking the Record-Journal more and more, I need to check in on their site more often than I do.

  3. I still can’t stop checking the Drudge Report, despite its obvious failings and leanings. The Economist – is always fantastic for in-depth and mostly free pieces.

    The Record-Journal is a good area source, but Leslie Hutchinson, one of their main reporters, has been known to misquote, misstate and does not have a great grasp on certain issues. Pulitzer Prizes are not on their way to Meriden.

  4. I’m an Economist subscriber and read it cover to cover every week. It’s an excellent magazine, especially for world affairs.

  5. I’m liking the Record-Journal more and more, I need to check in on their site more often than I do.

    Take them with a grain of salt.

    Attend any public meeting you like, then read their account and see if it sounds like they might have been someplace else.

  6. I like their use of The Tubes. Their new media department is much more creative than most I’ve seen.

    While most newspapers are slashing jobs (incl the MRJ and their print dept), the MRJ has added jobs in their new media department during the past year.

    They have a blogroll (community blogging section). The editor does an open forum almost daily. And this weekend I saw them add video footage of one of their regular reporters when she (Amanda Falcone) did a human interest piece on a 200 yr old button company.

    The other thing I like is the guy who runs the new media department (Dan Champagne) is open to ideas. So if I send him an email with a suggestion, he doesn’t get offended and he considers what I’m saying… which makes my life better as a user.

    Oftentimes people take suggestions the wrong way, but not the MRJs new media guy.

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