Sunday Real Estate Section

Sen. Chris Dodd’s Irish cottage is the subject of a lengthy article in the Courant today. Dodd has apparently learned his lesson from his mortgage scandal, and has released many documents for reporters to examine, and agreed to a lengthy interview. Charges about Dodd’s Irish real estate dealings surfaced in a Kevin Rennie column last weekend.

Dodd will be appearing on Face the State this morning at 11:00am. Potential opponent Rob Simmons will be on The Real Story (The Laurel has the full Sunday talk rundown).

In other real estate news, Gov. Rell is called to task by the Courant for not reducing spending on the governor’s mansion. Interesting tidbit: the governor now apparently spends 90% of her time at the mansion, according to her spokesman. …Really? That’s news to me.


12 responses to “Sunday Real Estate Section

  1. the governor now apparently spends 90% of her time at the mansion

    I know it’s been said that she lives in her own house. Just a thought… I think it’s commonplace throughout the country for governors to spend more time in their respective mansions while there is an open legislative session.

    Could be 90% while in session and 10% while out of session.

  2. From today’s paper:

    U.S. Sen. Christopher J. Dodd, D-Conn., who ranks 62nd in the Senate with $49.46 million in earmarks (some have more than one legislator’s name attached), defended the way the money is doled out.

  3. AndersonScooper

    Well done Team Dodd!

    As a Democrat I’m happy that Dodd is dealing with Downe-gate now, in 2009, and not next year in the middle of election season.

    Today’s Courant article will force the issue. Do Rennie and Healy have any real dirt beyond the eye-brow raising fact of the real estate partnerships with Downe and then Kessinger?

    What’s up with that 1993 letter from alleged Downe associate A. W. Moore to the local planning commission, asking them to speed up renovation approvals because Dodd was a “friend of Galway?” (That would have been before Kessinger/Dodd took title in 1994, which is weird.) Is there a “there” there?

    In the meantime Kudos again to Team Dodd. Much better for them to control the timing on this than to allow the GOP a slow bleed, as they did with the Countrywide nonsense.

    Did anyone see the “Face the State” appearance?

  4. Speaking of Chris Dodd, he was nowhere to be seen at today’s St. Patty’s Day parade in New Haven. DeLauro, Wyman, and Blumenthal were all there (Blumenthal was shaking hands up and down the parade route like he knew something no one else does).

    Considering that I think he realizes he is in a bit of trouble, I was shocked Dodd (the premiere Irish politician of our state) wasn’t walking the parade route with the rest of the politicos.

  5. Simmons has told the Associated Press he plans to run against Dodd.

  6. The fact that anyone can take Kevin Rennie seriously is beyond me. How can a paper allow someone so obviously in the control of Chris Healy and the CTGOP, write a weekly column without an equally prominent counterpoint, and still claim to be unbiased, fair journalism. The editorial cartoon last week was the last straw. It was a complete disgrace for a paper with such a storied history that once stood for integrity, and it brought a family with over a 50 year subscription history, to cancel our relationship. If anyone had any doubt as to why newspapers are in decline, this is it. resorting to cheap sensationalism at the expense of honest journalism.

  7. Weicker Liker

    Interesting way for Simmons to roll out a Senate Campaign!!!

    With an Email to the Associated Press.

  8. Was Simmons’ initial and only announcement with the AP? If so, sounds like he wanted them to highlight it in an attempt for nationwide coverage… which may lead to an initial burst of fundraising.

  9. Weicker Liker


    The only source that has the Simmons story is the AP.

    Problem is, any burst in fundraising is going to be lost unless Simmons Brain Trust gets a website up ASAP.

    Where are they going to donate? To what committee?

  10. haha… was just a guess on my part… hadn’t thought thru the logistics of it. Just seemed a logical thing to do… presuming there is pent up frustration among the GOP grassroots nationwide… and it’s entirely possible that gets targeted at Dodd in 2010.

    If it wasn’t for fundraising though, I’d go to the Courant for an announcement on a statewide race.

  11. AndersonScooper

    Wow, I thought it was clear that Simmons was going to announce this week.

    If he has half a brain, he’s probably waiting to see what the news cycle looks like before scheduling the press conference.

    Anyway, if any of you ‘wingers want to bet on a Republican snatching this seat, I’ll give you 2:1 odds.

  12. Anyway, if any of you ‘wingers want to bet on a Republican snatching this seat, I’ll give you 2:1 odds.

    Where’s Kabong? He’s always eager to throw away his money!

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