Kudlow out, Foley in?

CNBC commentator Larry Kudlow has ruled himself out as a candidate for the Republican nomination for the Senate race against Chris Dodd in 2010, reports the Hartford Courant.

“In my heart, I know that I belong right here,” Kudlow said at the start of his show. “This is my love.”

Kudlow found the approach from Republican Party leaders asking him to run “flattering” but said “it was never a serious proposition.”

Meanwhile, Greenwich businessman and top GOP fundraiser Thomas Foley has announced that he’s considering a run against Dodd. Foley, a Harvard Business School buddy of former President George W. Bush who until recently served as ambassador to Ireland, has never run for public office and admits that he has a problem with name recognition.

“It’s high in my neighborhood. Everywhere else in the state, it’s zero,” Foley said.

Foley is chairman of NTC Group, a Greenwich-based investment management firm. In 2003 he managed private sector development for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq before leading former President Bush’s re-election campaign in CT in 2004.


One response to “Kudlow out, Foley in?

  1. AndersonScooper

    Foley is a hard-core Bush Republican, on par with a Rumsfield or a Dick Cheney. Foley knows it, we know it, and he knows we know it.

    This is just the GOP having fun with another free round of headlines.

    What I want to know is how many tens of millions did Foley and his cronies steal out the back door during Tom’s tenure as director of “private sector development” in Iraq.

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