Dodd Hires Top Campaign Manager

Sen. Chris Dodd has hired a well-known campaign manager to run his 2010 re-election bid, signaling just how seriously he takes the weakness of his own position, and the relative strength of potential Republican challengers.

Veteran Democratic campaign manager Jay Howser has signed on to run Dodd’s bid for a sixth term representing Connecticut in the Senate.
He guided Democratic challenger Brad Ellsworth to a convincing upset victory over then-Rep. John Hostettler in Indiana’s conservative 8th District in 2006 and ran Mary L. Landrieu’s successful bid for a third Senate term last year in Louisiana, a state where Barack Obama won just 40 percent of the vote as the Democratic presidential nominee.

Compare this to 2006, when Sen. Joe Lieberman, expecting little trouble, brought in a far less experienced team to run his primary campaign–only bringing in experienced staff for the general election. Dodd is well aware of the problems he’s facing, and he wants the best talent available to help him handle them.

This, if it isn’t obvious, is the clearest indication yet that Dodd has absolutely no intention of retiring.

8 responses to “Dodd Hires Top Campaign Manager

  1. Taking this a step further, a top campaign manager would not sign on with Dodd this early if Dodd, the DSCC and the DNC were confident he was going to run. Why waste Howser’s talent on someone who will drop out. Also, Howser would not agree to run Dodd’s campaign if he thought Dodd were to retire/drop out/ be appointed to an Obama post. However, it also shows how weak he (and they) think he is.

  2. Agreed, GM, this race has become a top priority for them.

  3. AndersonScooper

    Before I get behind a Dodd re-election campaign, will some responsible reporter please suss out all the details of “Cottage-Gate”.

    Were there renovations/additions made to the cottage in 1993/94? (As Rennie has hinted at.) If so, how much did they cost, and who paid for them?

    If the GOP is holding real dirt on Dodd, rank-and-file Dems deserve the details now, not in the summer of 2010, when it would be too late to field a replacement.

  4. Chris Dodd is a good man doing a tough job. The whole Colonial brouhaha should be a tempest in a teapot. The rate he got was higher or in line with than rates available at the time.

    As to the economy, he has been chair for 2 plus years. Where is the criticism of the Republicans who not only set the table for disaster (Removing the uptick rule for example), but offer nothing but criticism. At least this ASenator is in there taking the shots, trying to fix the mess.

    If you persist in attacking Chris and dragging in his father, you will find yourselves in the fight of your lives..,.I know Chris.

  5. I know Chris.

    So do we, he’s toast

  6. dodds got nothing to worry about. its just made up repubic garbage and it will blow over.

  7. If the GOP is holding real dirt on Dodd, rank-and-file Dems deserve the details now, not in the summer of 2010, when it would be too late to field a replacement.

    Think Bob “I never noticed the grandfather clock in my house” Torricelli – depending on state party rules, the vacancy committee may be the most humane (though highly undemocratic) way to address this situation.

    I’d be furious if it happened in CT with either party.

  8. Hey Dempsey,
    Dodd’s undoing will be his inaction during the mortage- backed securities heydey.
    While Republicans like Dole, McCain, Hagel, and Sununu were trying to get legislation passed to reform Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, Where was Dodd?
    Moving out of State to run for President. Dodd, Franks, and Obama wanted nothing to do with regulating two institutions that were cash cows for Democrats. Shaking down financial institutions to supply mortages to people who shouldn’t have recieved them was the Democrats way.

    Even the New York Times admitted, that JohnMcCain was right…

    And what did Obama do? Instead of being his typical “bi-partisan” self, and working with Republicans like Dole and McCain, to maybe help head this problem off, he wrote a letter…..

    And both agencies continue to operate as if it was pre 2008…

    And I want to know when a reporter with balls will ask Dodd about the un-holy alliance with ACORN and the Democrat Party….

    And it was Dodd’s proposal to get more amoney for ACORN in the first 700 million TARP bill…
    And the money ACORN could access in the 2nd stimulus bill Obam signed…

    And with all this angst over AIG, will anyone ask Obama why he gave nearly 1 million to ACORN and its affiliates during last year at this time…

    Dodd has alot of explaining to do and it nothing to do with his mortgage.

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