Gubernatorial Race Update

There was a gubernatorial forum in Pomfret this week with Dan Malloy, Susan Bysiewicz and Jim Amann, similar to the one that was held in Groton two weeks ago.

Ray Hackett of the Norwich Bulletin has this review:

Malloy narrowly won the convention endorsement three years ago, but ultimately lost the nomination in a Democratic primary. And that may very well be a contributing factor to the strong showing he is making today. His presentation is relaxed, a strong, convincing cadence in his voice that exhibits a sense of confidence, and leaving an impression that he not only understands exactly what the issues are, but he’s ready to do battle.
It is a stark and noticeable difference when he’s standing side-by-side with his two rivals.

Dean Pagani agrees, writing:

Malloy is obviously the most practiced speaker having done the gubernatorial circuit four years ago.
Amann and Bysiewicz have a great deal of work to do in developing a strong stump speech. Amann fell into the common pattern of former legislators who tend to recite their records. Bysiewicz had the outline of a passionate speech, but failed to make it hers and grab the audience.

Amann and Bysiewicz could certainly improve, but for now it looks like Malloy’s gubernatorial campaign experience is giving him a boost.

What do you think?

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7 responses to “Gubernatorial Race Update

  1. wtfdnucsailor

    It is early, but I agree with Ray Hackett that Dan Malloy has a head start on issues and presentation.

  2. Any news on Lamont? He’s been noticeably quiet since the New York Times reported he was considering a run for Governor.

    Just from watching the Sunday talk shows you can clearly tell Malloy is head and shoulders above Bysiewicz and Amann when it comes to presentation. I guess one could try and chalk that up to a lack of campaign experience, but the former Speaker and the Secretary of State have been statewide fixtures for years now. They should know how to give a good stump speech.

    The same thing carries over to the burgeoning Republican Senate primary. Simmons may appear a bit goofy to some, but his answers are crisp, confident and he gets his point across. Sam Caliguiri hasn’t been able to do that (his interview on “Face the State” is evidence of this). That being said, Caliguiri, if he gets into the race, will certainly improve in the coming months as he gets his feet wet.

  3. famillionaire

    Gotta hand it to Pagani. He nailed it – spot on. Hands down Malloy won the night in Pomfret at the legendary Vanilla Bean cafe.
    The Quiet Corner Dems also flexed their muscle.
    I heard the familiar refrain that Malloy was “too good” and “too polished”- a comment have come to attribute to the ‘already committed folks’ who NEED to say something negative about anybody but their candidate. Yes, this is Malloy’s second time around, but we are talking about Bysiewicz & amann here…hardly amateurs. How can anyone not be ‘polished’ or ‘too good’ and be running for Governor? I personally expect the absolute best in communication in my Governor candidates.

  4. AndersonScooper

    Hell yeah!

    Let’s hope a Simmons Caligiuri battle goes all the way to an August 2010 primary!

    Is this a ploy to ensure a Dem victory? What might Caligiuri have been promised in return?

  5. You can see highlights from the Leadership for Connecticut forum, plus a couple other recent appearances at

    Nothing from the Pomfret forum, unfortunately.

  6. I’m shocked that 13 people (so far) voted for Amann in your poll.

    I didn’t know Jim had that many relatives who read this blog!

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