Manchester Unions Volunteer to Freeze Pay

Some cities and towns are facing a bitter, contentious battle with organized labor over budget cuts. Not, apparently, in Manchester, where unionized town workers voted unanimously to give up pay increases for next year, saving the town $350,000:

About 250 mostly unionized town workers have offered to forego their contracted pay raises for the next fiscal year to help preserve services and jobs.
Town Manager Scott Shanley announced the move late Tuesday, saying he received a number of e-mails in recent months from a diverse group of leaders, division heads, commanding officers, managers, and key executive assistants asking for a salary freeze for next year.
The union members and unaffiliated staffers met late last week and unanimously decided to give up their raises, Shanley said.

I imagine a lot of towns are hoping that sense of shared sacrifice is catching.

Soper, Kym. “Manchester town workers offer to skip raises, saving $350,000.” Journal-Inquirer 1 April, 2009.

2 responses to “Manchester Unions Volunteer to Freeze Pay

  1. But did the Teachers Union step up to the plate. Lazy man’s way to retirement.

  2. There’s alot of unions and Superintendants that are accepting pay freezes this year in many towns in the state. At least I know this to be true in Wolcott, Watertown, Naugatuck and others.

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