DSCC Fires First Shot in CT-Sen


17 responses to “DSCC Fires First Shot in CT-Sen

  1. Mr. Reality

    Interesting commercial. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense considering Dodd got campaign contributions in exchange for influence over one of the most important committees overseeing the banking & housing meltdown. This will play well. I can’t wait to see the commercials attacking the other two candidates that are currently beating him.

    Gabe, I thought ethics was a big deal in CT. Apparently it is not according to you. Instead of calling for Dodd to step down and be replaced with another Democrat it is funny to watch you defend him and his actions.

  2. AndersonScooper


    This is going to be another exciting cycle, iff Senator Dodd stays in.

  3. maxidoodler

    and “surprise,” Gabe is the first to post it….

  4. Ichabod Crane

    Wow they must be crapping their pants over Simmons to be attacking this early.

  5. maxidoodler

    hey Gabe,

    do you get email alerts from the Dems in Washington or do you just stare at dscc.org and hit refresh all day?

  6. And they want to highlight the one issue (PAC $$, lobbyist $$) on which Dodd is truly subject to attack (AIG $$, shake down of financial services PAC’s/employees)? They seem to have a huge disconnect from the reality of their own candidate’s baggage – most of which is the baggage that created his terrible poll numbers. I don’t think the national democrats help their cause by bringing up “special interest money” in a race involving Dodd. Curious approach.

  7. Mua ha ha ha!

    They are going to try to defend Dodd, who is hopelessly linked to AIG now, by linking Simmons to lobbyists from Chevron? Buh HAW HAW HAW!!!

    This pathetic, ineffective and pointless advertisement tells us two things:

    1. Dodd is going to run again.

    2. Dodd and the DSCC are firing hot corn mud into their pants over his tanking numbers.

    Glad to know Dodd is shooting before he has shot in the cannon. Dope.

  8. maxidoodler

    Politico.com hits nail on head: “It’s an ironic message for Democrats — Dodd’s own perceived closeness to influential interests in the financial industry is at the heart of his own political problems.”

    p.s. it’s a web video. 99 percent of CT electorate won’t ever see it.

  9. Bruce Rubenstein

    I will be very interested in hearing from my libertarian friend ACR and other conservatives on this…..isn’t Caliguiri more conservative then Simmons by far? Wasnt Simmons let go of his Job by Rell and left with some bad feeling there? Why would the conventional wisdom favor Simmons when Caliguiri presents a more outsider image then Simmons…is a far better and clearer speaker…..and would be much more in tune with his partie’s activist conservative base then Simmons would ever be?

  10. Mr. Reality

    What’s up with this being moderated? I’ve never had this before. What gives?

  11. Simmons must scaring the daylights out of somebody or they wouldn’t be shooting so low, so early.

  12. AndersonScooper


    What’s low about pointing out Simmons close relationships with lobbyists? Particularly when Dancing Rob wants to pretend he’s not a D.C. politician, but instead some kind of populist and a political outsider?

    In case you forgot, in 2006 Simmons raised more from PAC’s than he did from individuals. Several hundred thousand $$$ more.

  13. What’s up with this being moderated? I’ve never had this before. What gives?

    Your comment got stuck in the moderation filter, I’m not sure why.

  14. Ichabod Crane

    BREAKING: Liberal Frontpager “Gabe” posts a slampiece on a Republican!


  15. Mr. Reality

    Thanks Gabe.

  16. Thanks Gabe.

    No problem. Its been happening a lot lately, and I can’t figure out why. When ever I see posts in there that are actually real, I go get them out, but there is no reason to look most of the time.

    Long story short, if you have a comment moderated, let us know and someone will set it free.

  17. famillionaire

    I hope to hell the DSCC stays far away from this race or Dodd will lose.
    Yeah, that’s it Beltway Boys, let’s make this campaign a referendum on who is more of a DC insider! We’re sure to win like that.
    Oh, and while we are at it, let’s try to hurt Rob Simmons and go negative really early…it’s not like he’s facing a divisive primary or anything. And let’s just willy-nilly decide that Rob is the candidate we don’t want to face. He IS the candidate we want to face!
    Hey, I know, let’s attack Simmons’ contributors – big evil corporate-types. Dodd’s clean on that one.
    C’mon guys – get your heads out of your asses.

    Originally posted at MLN

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