Quote of the Day

From the Courant:

Rell’s spokesman, though, responded Wednesday night that the Democratic plan is balanced partially with “accounting gimmicks” and proposals for savings that may never be realized.

“There’s an abundance of chicanery in this budget,” said Christopher Cooper. “The Democrats have spent the last 84 days claiming they were looking for ways to balance the budget. Apparently, their search ended in the taxpayers’ pockets.”

This from the administration that decided an $8+ billion budget deficit was easier dealt with if it was only $6 billion dollars, and then only by closing 2/3 of it with stimulus money and other one-time measures. Cooper may be confused by the “chicanery” of a budget that actually balances.


5 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. If you think the Democrats’ budget balances, I’ve got some land in Ireland that I’d like to sell you…

  2. Dems have just announced retroactive ( to Jan 1) tax increases on those with incomes over $250K and a three year Corporate Tax Surchage of 30%. It’s only three years because by then there will be no corporations left here to tax.

  3. Here’s the link


    It will be interesting to see how much money they expect to raise and the assumptions used to get there.

  4. Ichabod Crane

    Let it go Gabe, no one cares.

  5. Let it go Gabe, no one cares.

    He can’t let it go… that’s ALL THEY HAVE!

    So, after Democrats waste two months developing shadow budgets to scare the hell out of everyone and soften them up when they propose tax increases instead of actually working on the problem, this is what we get.

    Massive retroactive tax increases, business-assassinating corporate profits tax, combined with a complete inability to cut back any part of the bloated government they have created because they are hopelessly beholden to the special interests. Add to that the massive borrowing that their plan includes, and you have a complete abdication of leadership and responsibility in running state government.

    Is anyone surprised? This is the political cowardice and incompetence of “CHANGE!” Everyone enjoying it?

    And Gabe thinks when people get their tax bill, people are going to give a shit if the deficit was projected at 6 billion or 8 billion at one point or another by the governor.

    His endless hammering of this point has really had its impact as today’s Q poll reveals. Laughable.

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