A Brief Note On Comment Moderation

It has come to our attention that the Spam filter on the site has been glitchy over the past few days (or even weeks). This has resulted in comments getting caught in the Spam filter (causing them to await moderation) that should not get caught in the Spam filter. We are looking into the issue in an effort to calibrate the filter controls to allow non-Spam comments through without moderation.

In the meantime, we apologize for the delay in the posting of certain comments and appreciate your patience. If you have a comment that gets caught up in the filter, please let us know by posting a brief comment in the post you were trying to comment on. And, as always, try to avoid comments with multiple links, ALL CAPS, and words like “Buy Viagra Here.”


The CTLP Staff


5 responses to “A Brief Note On Comment Moderation

  1. Thanks.

  2. Chris Dodd needs to buy political Viagra to get his numbers up.

    Did I get moderated?

  3. Did you think I was kidding?

  4. Did you think I was kidding?

    I just HAD to test it…

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