Quote of the Day

“Tom Foley, the former ambassador; Rob Simmons, a former congressman; and then we have a state senator, Sam – I’m sorry, I can’t pronounce his last name.”

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), head of the NRSC, on Republicans running in Connecticut.
Responded Sam Caligiuri: “I’m happy he got half my name, but I’m more interested in making sure that the people of Connecticut know my name.”


9 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. Ironically; Cornyn would probably line up more with Caligiuri ideologically than just about any office holder in Connecticut.

  2. That only reflects well on Sam.

    Sam’s not a member of The Political Class. Do I care if Beltway Insiders know him?

  3. Sam’s not a member of The Political Class. Do I care if Beltway Insiders know him?

    Heh. That’s a really great point.

  4. too many cooks….blow the chance for a consensus republican candidate.

  5. AndersonScooper

    John Cronyn ideologically:

    Zero % rating from NARAL.
    100% rating from National Right to Life Council

    Zero % from the Human Rights campaign.
    100% from the Christian Coalition

    Zero % from the League of Conservation Voters

    Zero % from the AFL-CIO

    27% from the NEA

    So according to ACR, Caliguiri lines up as anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-minority, anti-environment, anti-labor, anti-education. But pro-Texas?

    That’s one helluva a candidate you’ve got there ‘wingers. Certain to match up well with Connecticut’s voters.

    And best of all? You guys are going to take a pass on a moderate like Rob Simmons, in favor of a hardcore Republican like Sam.

    Caliguiri’s ego is the Democrats’ best friend.

  6. 100% from the Christian Coalition

    Same folks that spend via the ACLJ a TON of cash defending non-Christian churches.
    Pay attention to what happens next in Litchfield – they’ll have to float bonds to bail out of the fix they’re going to be in and it’ll have served them right.

  7. Scoop… with Blumie on PLR this morning, I’m actually beginning to think that if Dodd’s numbers remain stagnant for 12 months… at the very least the President will deal with the situation.

    If the economy stinks and corruption scandals mount (we all know it’s not a GOP thing… it’s an incumbency thing… think PMA), it could be the reverse of 2006. Obama will not want Dodd being used as The Poster Boy of a Democratic Culture of Corruption.

    Again… it’s not a Dem thing… it’s an incumbent thing.

    Anyway, if Dodd’s out… it’s pretty unlikely any R wins. Though if Murph runs for Senate… Sammy could definitely win the CT-5!

  8. Tom Van Stone

    And best of all? You guys are going to take a pass on a moderate like Rob Simmons, in favor of a hardcore Republican like Sam.

    You know the outcome of the primary already? Shoot me an email as to who I should put on my Fantasy Golf team this week besides Tiger.

    Those political barometers are good for comparing presidential candidates, but I doubt that they have enough info on Caligiuri to accurately form an assessment – using some TX Senator’s barometer to characterize Caligiuri because someone said they’re similar is a pretty loose characterization.

    Nobody tell Scooper that Caligiuri has a Master’s in Divinity – he’ll end up with the unwarranted Huckabee “Religious Nut” tag. He’s an educated Christian – that’s a comparison, right?

    Bottom line is that Caligiuri needs to pick up and run with a few issues that aren’t being addressed, avoid the social conservative issues and get as many debates with Simmons as possible. Sam comes from a district in Waterbury that voted almost completely red this past November. Outside that district is foreign territory that Sam needs to swing.

    He’s likable, respectable, proven when it comes to getting the ball rolling when it came to getting Waterbury on the right track. Waterbury’s not NEARLY as bad as everyone says – the crime isn’t anywhere near New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford, there’s colleges and nice restaurants and good small businesses.

    Sam’s also the first Waterbury Republican to break the mold of corruption. Barely anyone in the party and nobody in Waterbury GOP party power were around for the string of corrupt mayor’s. That is SO far behind EVERYONE it’s not even funny. That better not come up as a strike against Sam…

  9. AndersonScooper


    Do you really think there will be a GOP primary?

    Wake up! This thing will be decided at convention, and by the rabid wingnut wing of the party. (Ergo Simmons immoderate “Lying Weasel” comment on Hannity, which was out of character but necessary to curry favor with the base.)

    And no, I don’t really believe Caliguiri’s politcal views are akin to Cornyn. ACR said that, and I was just kidding him.

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