Check out this video of Jack Orchulli on “Face the State.” He’s also “giving serious consideration” to getting into the race, and joining an expanding GOP field.

You can also watch a clip of Sam Caligiuri on the show.

11 responses to “Orchulli(!)

  1. Did anyone ever admit to starting that CTLP classic??

  2. The sharks are circling around the talkie circuit because they think they smell blood from a wounded Senator with an incredibly impressive performance record minus a few stumbles of late. Assuming that a few more republicans will become candidates soon, thinking they have Dodd where they want him, they’ll campaign hot and heavy on every talk show they can find for the next 500 days or so until Primary Day.

    Actual blood letting in this race is more likely to come from the red shirts rather than the true blue dems as the sharks circle around the campaign circuit and eat their own wounded. The motivating prize making for some aggressive competition for the R primary winner at this moment is more than just a title – it’s truck loads of campaign cash from the seeking-to-be-relevent RNC and RSCC.

    Of course, as Connecticut sees more of Dodd, his record of accomplishment, how his standing in leadership helps us along with what Dodd has done and what it takes to do more to solve the huge economic issues facing us all – his numbers will rise. And the treasures from Republican HQ will quickly head elsewhere leaving our bunch of sharks in shreads and the eventual nominee dangling on the hook for his own campaign. It’ll be quite the sight for Sunday brunches 18 months from now.

  3. Gabe denies it, but he’s either a lawyer or about to be one……so we’ll never know when he’s pulling our leg.

  4. Of course, as Connecticut sees more of Dodd, his record of accomplishment

    Of what?

    Living up to and exceeding his father’s level of corruption?


    Go right ahead and run on that.

  5. George Colli

    If we’re gonna critisize, we must also give credit when its due.


    Sen. Dodd can still get it done. No matter what your party affiliation is – I think you would have to agree this credit reform bill helps everyone.

  6. As far as I know, Dodd still hasn’t used his power of subpoena to obtain information from The Fed on the results of all the various bailouts. Credible journalists have FOIed the information, but Dodd does nothing.


    I conclude Dodd is not a Populist. He’s a member of The Political Class. He’s more interested in remaining friends with Bernanke, than representing The Little Guy.

    Btw, at the end of Dodd’s live blog on MLN last week, he said his staff would answer the remaining questions. Has he done so? I haven’t seen anything. And to me, transparency is one of those good-government issues that everyone should support.

  7. Speaking of MLN… congrats on your award! And congrats to you to GC for the honorable mention by Cilizza!

  8. The national GOP is a leaderless band of circus clowns promoting a failed ideology; why shouldn’t the GOP candidates in Connecticut follow suit?

    Oh wait….they are. Bring on Jack “66-32%” Orchulli, Rob “PACman” Simmons, Sam “More Rightwing than Reagan” Caliguiri, and that ambassador dude. Watching these guys try to look senatorial and out-do one another for the next year and a half is gonna be priceless.

  9. Bruce Rubenstein

    Orchulli has no talent I can discern, based upon his prior performance.If Sam is running as some sort of conservative then he is going to possibly win his primary but will lose the general. This state isn’t a red state and only moderate republicans can fare well here. Simmons is too goofy and animated for a state wide race and has his own problems. That is my thumnail assesment of the Republicans.

    As to Dodd….who is a known commodity….he needs to spend a great deal more time in connecticut to press the flesh and to outline as best he can his policies. He also needs to explain himself alot better then he has so far done regarding the AIG gaffe and his homes.It is still quite early and I do have confidence that if the fire still burns in his stomach, he will do what he needs to do to rise in the polls.

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