Open Forum

A West Hartford man was among the sailors of the Maersk Alabama who fought back against pirates who took control of their ship.

Franklin residents are set to vote on whether their town should host a proposed new ash landfill.

The Dept. of Economic and Community Development says proposed tax hikes would cost the state jobs.

Several transportation bills, including one asking DOT to study tolls at the state’s borders, are probably going to be shelved.

Speaking of tolls, lawmakers in Stamford are opposed to the idea.

Kevin Rennie continues to hammer Chris Dodd.

Probate court reform seems to be stalled, for now.

More people are applying for pistol permits.

What else is going on?

10 responses to “Open Forum

  1. Right. And Dodd got his own full page spread in the right leaning Washington Times, pretty much a reprise of what they might call in Ireland “the difficulties.”

  2. It would be a much better story if the West Hartford man was a pirate, though beating down a pirate attack is quite admirable.

  3. The Dept. of Economic and Community Development says proposed tax hikes would cost the state jobs.

    And the Sun rose in the East this morning..
    This was pretty obvious from the Gitgo, but unfortunately I doubt many Dems in the legislature care.

  4. I noticed that Chris Shays was on C-TN on Monday, addressing the Dodd Center. I wonder what Dodd thought of that.

  5. you repubics are gonna feel dum when dodd comes back to kill em at the polls.

  6. Bruce Rubenstein

    Mr Pesci….mostly only conservatives with an appetite for politics read that paper. What should be more important to Senator Dodd and his staff, is that the good Senator will have to come back to Connecticut and provide answers satisfying to the Democrats,Independants and Republicans, otherwise his ” troubles” will remain.

  7. “the difficulties.”


  8. As long as Rennie’s only source is Chris Healy and Healy’s RNC Research staff, he will keep attacking Dodd.

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