Dodd Traveling Connecticut

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan accompanied Sen. Chris Dodd on a tour of some of Connecticut’s cities Monday. They stopped in New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford, where the secretary talked about new programs to help keep people in their homes. The tour is part of an effort by Dodd called the “Banking on Change” tour. I know, I know. The tour started with a forum on Dodd’s new credit card act, and has included meetings with homeowners, small businesses and others.

Dodd and Rep. Joe Courtney are meeting with members of the Metal Trades Council and Marine Draftsmen’s Association to discuss the 2010 defense budget, including new submarine production. Dodd and Rep. Larson met last week with unions at Pratt & Whitney to discuss the possible cancellation of the F-22 program. Dodd and other Connecticut leaders also met last week with firefighters in Middletown to discuss the federal budget.

If you’re thinking that Sen. Dodd seems to be around a lot lately, it’s not just you. He’s been busy raising his public profile in a state that didn’t see all that much of him during his failed presidential bid, in anticipation of a very difficult re-election campaign next year. His meetings thus far, which seem to be focused on urban areas and speaking with unions, among other things, seem to be targeting core supporters. Dodd has also recently held health care forums, which also will help him shore up core constituencies.

Will it work for him? That depends on whether the public is willing to see his latest efforts as sincere efforts to help, instead of just a public relations campaign.

4 responses to “Dodd Traveling Connecticut

  1. Dodd’s version of a “listening tour”.

  2. George Colli

    Chris Dodd is doing what he has always done. This is just the first time in decades that what he does everyday is of importance to the local press.

  3. Has a Democrat of any stature suggested yet that the senator consider retiring?

  4. It couldn’t have worked out better. Too many of us weren’t paying attention to all the great things our Senator was doing for us – ho hum things like – first responder safety, family medical leave, affordable child care, supporting renewable alternative energy, civil rights protections , and on and on – all dull stuff. Then he gets coverage on the hot mortage/cottage non- issues and all of a sudden next thing you know we’re all paying attention to the things that he does that make a difference – credit card protection, banking on change, funding for open space and trails – great stuff. Who wants him to retire – we could use a few more like him.

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