NOM Polling in CT

ConnecticutMan1 over at MLN reports a call from the National Organization for Marriage today. We got one as well, though it was caught by our answering machine.

NOM’s executive director is Brian Brown, who used to run the Family Institute of Connecticut.


7 responses to “NOM Polling in CT

  1. I got a call on the answering machine today as well. The machine started to ask i think if i was a registered voter.

  2. I got one also, but hung up since it was a recording. I can’t be bothered with a recording.

  3. Thanks for noting this, Ghengis. I am hoping someone will be able to record the call to get the exact wording of their questions. I was too busy laughing to grab a pen and write it down so I had to write that off the top of my head and a few minutes after the fact.

  4. famillionaire

    I got it as well. It terminated after I said I did not support marriage as only between one man and one woman. I suspect it would have continued if I said yes.

  5. famillionaire

    this says it is a poll, but it is not. It is a grassroots tactic disguised as one.

  6. That is why I’d like someone to record it, famillionaire. This way we can analyze exactly what it is. I would expect to find that they are pushing their idea or trying to recruit supporters for their bigoted movement or, maybe even going to hit up people for money to support their AstroTurf group, as opposed to really polling. After all, wingnut welfare is harder to come by, these days.

    The cost of being a leaderless movement playing a broken record of failed conservative ideology. Even the numb nut tea baggers are being kept on life support by cold cash corporate marketing and AstroTurfing.

  7. famillionaire

    UPDATE: Spoke to some friends at the Capitol and they say they have been getting lots of calls from this. It is a pass-through, direct-connect call where support is guaged, a message is given and then they are asked whether or not they would like to let their opinion known to their legislator. If they say yes, they are connected with their legislator’s office.

    Standard astroturf fare.

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