Amman Attacks Malloy Over Family Problems

Jim Amann, the very soul of class, is chastising Dan Malloy for staying in the race despite his son’s well-publicized troubles. The quote:

“In the priorities of life, family is first and politics is second. I would have made a different decision,” Amann said of Malloy’s decision to remain in the gubernatorial race.

Okay, a few things.

First, why is this Jim Amann’s business? I honestly don’t know. I’m not sure it’s anyone’s business but Dan Malloy’s.

Second, there’s a general consensus that family members should be off-limits, but campaigns do ignore that unwritten rule from time to time. Both Sarah Palin’s family and Michelle Obama came under attack during the 2008 election, for instance. The effect then was their detractors just ended up looking petty: voters don’t seem to form a judgment about a candidates based on the candidate’s family.

So what’s Jim Amann up to, here? It seems like shaking a finger at Dan Malloy for not taking care of his family is bound to backfire, if the public even takes notice of it at all at this early, early date.


12 responses to “Amman Attacks Malloy Over Family Problems

  1. AndersonScooper

    Genghis, do you really believe that people attacked Sarah Palin’s family last year?

    What did happen was that Bristol Palin highlighted to everyone why her Mom’s stance on abstinence, abortion, and family planning was ideologically pure but otherwise lacking.

    My feeling at the time was hey, if shotgun weddings and teenage pregnancies work for the Palin family, fine. But don’t try to apply your beliefs, (abstinence only and no abortions even for rape victims), to the rest of us.

    PS– Amann’s just jealous of Malloy’s war chest, and his ability to pay his campaign workers. Will someone please ask Jimmy why his quarterly disclosure showed no FICA payments to the State and Federal government?

  2. Bruce Rubenstein

    To me the only way a family member is fair game is if said family member somehow inserts themselves within the politics of their relative…ie..jimmy carter’s brother lobbying for money while Carter was President…Or if the politician used his/her office in some way to confer some sort of special favor or benfit upon the family member in question.

    In this case, from the article in the Courant, there doesn’t seem to me to be any factual basis upon which Amann stands on firm ground when he says Malloy ought to resign.At this juncture Malloy’s issues with his kids is a personal issue only and I think Amann took a cheap shot at Malloy.

  3. There is one big difference between Malloy and Palin here: Palin used her children’s issues politically whereas Malloy did not.

    Think back to when America first found out that Bristol Palin was pregnant. It was a few days after Palin was picked and when they came out with the news, it was a “she-is-having-a-baby-and-she-is-keeping-it-because-that-is-the-right-thing-to-do” sort of thing. This was not a “please respect our privacy situation;” remember the RNC? They dragged the poor boyfriend out of the Alaskan wilderness, bought him a $1000 suit, gave him a haircut, and paraded him and Bristol around in a way that probably should have been filmed for a pro-life infomercial. Her pregnancy was used to score political points.

    Malloy has not tried to spin this politically and therefore his family is off-limits. Amann has no chance of winning the Dem nomination and is desperate to try to take the frontrunner down anyway he can even if it means stooping to this all time low.

  4. So what Jim Amann should have done is just waited for someone to ask Malloy about his stance on curbing drug use among young people in CT. According to True Blue no matter what he says it will be wrong because his beliefs led his son to drug use (in the Mayor’s home of all places) just like Sarah Palin’s stance on abstinence and abortion led her daughter to pregnancy. Very insightful!!!

  5. No the family is off limits because Malloy is a Democrat. All these kids should be off limits…and that includes Palin’s. BTW there was no way in Hell that Palin’s kids were ever off limits. Please.

  6. I’ve always had at least some respect for Jim Amann as a fellow Democrat who supported Lieberman. I really appreciated his support for doing what it takes to bring back the Whalers. Generally, our politics have always matched up pretty closely… but any support I ever would have had for him is gone. I hope he’s ashamed of himself.

  7. I don’t care what side your on your kids can drive you nuts. I’m not a Dem fan but I would NOT ever blame him for is kids actions. Been there, done that.

  8. More interesting, from the link to the Courant, is the fact that Roy O. is responding to Malloy press calls.

  9. More interesting, from the link to the Courant, is the fact that Roy O. is responding to Malloy press calls.

    The Political Kiss of Death, otherwise known as Roy O-Fer-Grosso!

  10. No the family is off limits because Malloy is a Democrat. All these kids should be off limits…and that includes Palin’s. BTW there was no way in Hell that Palin’s kids were ever off limits. Please.

    Of course they were. Obama said so himself. And many partisans not only respected but shared that opinion.

    Amann’s is a desperation move. Not that we needed one, but it is a clear indicator that his ill-advised misadventure is almost over. What is surprising is that Scully would have permitted this… Very unflattering from a professional standpoint, Pat.

    Now, from the referenced post on the website:

    Amann told Capitol Watch: “I think my family is going to be with me longer than my politics.”

    You better hope so, since you’re pretty much done.

  11. AndersonScooper

    Is Pat Scully still with Mr. 4%?

    I don’t think so.

    Does anyone know?

  12. “You better hope so, since you’re pretty much done.”

    Jim Amann “pretty much done”??

    Didn’t Chris Donovan offer Amann a six figure job just a few months ago? Obviously Chris Donovan can’t be the only Democratic leader who must think Amann still has something positive to offer us all. After all if Donovan didn’t think so, why else would he have offered that big bucks job to him?

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