Simmons Hires Campaign Manager

The Simmons campaign has hired Jim Barnett as campaign manager, according to a release sent out today. Barnett was the architect of John McCain’s New Hampshire primary victory, was the chairman of the Vermont Republican Party, and worked in the White House as as Deputy Associate Director in the Office of Presidential Personnel from 2001-2002.

Barnett has a very strong resume and could probably go work for anyone he wanted. That Simmons has, like Dodd, hired a top-flight campaign manager, shows how very seriously both sides take this race.


2 responses to “Simmons Hires Campaign Manager

  1. Weicker Liker

    Jim Barnett is featured in this 2008 piece

    Apparently, he has a nickname “mad dog”

  2. ConnRepublican

    I worked w/ Jim Barnett up in N.H. during the Fall Election. Despite the loss, he ran a very good organization. McCain and the Republicans were just up against a tidal wave. This means that Simmons is serious about the coming election.

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