Pearson Sends Letter to Obama

Possible U.S. Senate candidate–and potential Chris Dodd primary challenger–Roger Pearson has sent a letter to President Barack Obama suggesting that perhaps the senator doesn’t deserve his support. Click on the link below to read the letter.

Senate-Letter to President Obama 4-21-09


6 responses to “Pearson Sends Letter to Obama

  1. [crickets chirping]

  2. Well done! Looks like he made it extra long to guarantee it won’t be read… even by me, let alone the president.

  3. AndersonScooper

    Nut, or improbable stalking-horse?

    Who knows, maybe Pearson can run on the CT for Lieberman ticket….

  4. Nut, or improbable stalking-horse?

    [pretty funny]

  5. Say what you will, it’s not a bad letter!

  6. Sadly for Pearson, Obama has never promised to remain neutral in primaries.

    Though he could write a letter to someone else if he was so inclined.

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