Novak Enters 2nd District Race

Republican Daria Novak of Madison, the president of consulting firm ERUdyne and State department veteran, has announced her intention to run against Rep. Joe Courtney in the 2nd district. She has served in many interesting capacities overseas, and would presumably bring her foreign policy expertise to the debate.

Already in the race is Matthew Daly of Glastonbury. Could there be a primary shaping up here, or will one drop out in favor of the other?


7 responses to “Novak Enters 2nd District Race

  1. i found this video of her speaking at one of the teabagger rallys in Norwich on the 15th:

  2. TheRealNixon

    Novak can bring a lot to the race and it should be interesting seeing her campaign progress over the next few months.

  3. AndersonScooper

    Where can I donate?

    Daria represents the CT GOP perfectly!

  4. AndersonScooper

    You’re effing kidding me.

    First I watched the video of Daria Novak Tea-Partying:

    Then I went to her company’s web-site:

    It turns out that CT’s prototypical Angry Mom also runs a business that deals with diversity training and cross-cultural awareness…


  5. TheRealNixon

    Anderson just because you call someone psycho doesn’t make it so. Also, have you ever met a Republican you liked? Your opinions on this site are meaningless because you are the most predictable liberal out there……try and broaden yourself and stop just citing the Dem talking points will you?

  6. Scoop is partisan. But the Dem talking points currently call for absolute support of Dodd. Scoop wants a Dem to be elected in 2010, but he’s also annoyed a lot of Luxury Class Dems by questioning Dodd’s recoronation. Over at MLN, he actually told Dodd that he was “mad at (him).”

    That may sound like NBD to many people, but that’s a big deal IMO. Publicly chastising public officials can be difficult, probably moreso within one’s own party.

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