Open Forum

It’s Monday, and time for another open forum!

So, what’s going to kill us this week? How about swine flu?

Sheff v. O’Neill turns twenty years old.

A complaint from conservative group Judicial Watch alleges that Chris Dodd’s Irish cottage amounts to an unreported gift.

Ned Lamont is still thinking about running for governor.

Kevin Rennie takes an ax to Jim Amann’s gubernatorial campaign.

Fairfield County lawmakers want hearings on border tolls held in their area. Hearings are already scheduled for New Haven and Waterbury, two known border towns.

Ralph Ferrucci, who has run for everything, is running for New Haven mayor this year.

A proposed new law would protect the privacy of victims of crime by denying access to certain records.

What else is going on?


6 responses to “Open Forum

  1. Rocky Hill Democrats cancel fundraiser honoring Doyle.

    Democrats listen to Healy.

    Rocky Hill Democrats have canceled the May 9th event and will reschedule later in September. It has also been learned that Paul Doyle will not be their honoree at that future event.

    On April 21st CT GOP Chair, Chris Healy said; “Rocky Hill Democrats Shouldn’t Honor Doyle”

  2. I’d be interested to see how many people on here think Lamont is actually going to run….

  3. Bruce Rubenstein

    I hear thru the grapevine that Ned has met with some democratic operatives lately to help him assess the race….It is very certainly that he is “bitten by the bug” of public service, but who knows what he will do.He would be as least as good a candidate as any of the 3 candidates who are often mentioned and possibly better, given his successful business backround.

  4. State employees received this e-mail today . . .

    “TO: Managers, Supervisors & AFSCME Employees
    Subject: AFSCME Union Contract Vote Cancelled

    Please be advised that the AFSCME Union has cancelled their contract vote scheduled for tomorrow April 24. No information is available at this time on a rescheduled date for voting. Employees should direct any questions to their Union.

    You may consult the AFSCME Union web site at: . The telephone number for AFSCME is: 203-213-8450″

    I also hear that the State Police and Corrections Unions are considering voting against the proposed union contract agreement, because they are not fearful of layoffs.

    Is the Rell – union compromise at risk? It certainly seems like it.

  5. Is the Rell – union compromise at risk? It certainly seems like it.

    21,000 General Motors employees weren’t too worried about layoffs either.

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