House Passes Bill Eliminating Electricity Choice

The House has passed a bill that will eliminate the ability of consumers to choose to buy power from a third-party supplier.

What’s that, you say? You didn’t realize you could do that? Well, you aren’t alone. The ability to buy from a third party instead of from UI or CL&P has existed since the state deregulated the electricity market in the late 1990s. Since then, though, the market has not coughed up any real alternatives, and most people (97%) have stuck with their original utility.

The bill gives the two utilities more power to negotiate directly with power generators, which legislators hope will save consumers and businesses money.

Idle Hands

Like to leave your car running while you wait for your kid to go buy a soda at 7-11? Well, you may soon be committing a crime. The state Senate passed a bill that would make it illegal to leave any motor vehicle idling for more than three minutes. Traffic conditions and cold weather are some of the many exemptions.


4 responses to “House Passes Bill Eliminating Electricity Choice

  1. Competitive electric rates can be found here:

    Going back several years, I used Levco for a couple years without a hitch. Then I added clean electric and CL&P was incapable of providing clean electric and competitive electric together, so I lost Levco for generation.

    Then CL&P fixed that computer glitch and I went to PP&U a month or two ago… again, without a hitch.

  2. I was with the CT Energy Co-op for green power until they went bankrupt, and since then I have used Sterling Power for years.

    This means I will no longer be able to use Sterling. Why am I always in the 3 percent that gets doinked.

    A better solution? Let’s eliminate NU/CLP. Either the state or local government should use eminent domain to take over the lines and power generating systems.

    Rates will go down. It works in Wallingford and other places.

  3. It’s time to make our State Legislature suck the tailpipe! Are you kidding me! Like the law enforcement personnel don’t have anything better to do but give tickets for cars idling too long.

  4. Ken,

    You’ll still be able to choose Sterling.

    The availability of the clean energy option isn’t changed by this one bit. If you are using Sterling, what you are doing is essentially buying clean energy credits. Sterling is not a competitive supplier. You are paying Sterling to produce electricity from renewable sources in a quantity equal to your usage.

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