Dodd Talks With Bloggers

I haven’t had a chance to get this up before now, but it’s definitely worth posting. Sen. Dodd sat down with bloggers last Sunday to talk about a wide range of issues. CTblogger and Connecticut Bob recorded the whole thing.

Here’s a choice excerpt on his support for torture prosecution that’s getting some national play. Dodd’s comparison to Nuremberg (and his father’s role in it) is particularly evocative:

Politico and Think Progress picked up on the story.


13 responses to “Dodd Talks With Bloggers

  1. Another Dodd/banking story…

    From Salon:

    Dick Durbin says the banks “own” the US Congress…

    Sen. Dick Durbin, on a local Chicago radio station this week, blurted out an obvious truth about Congress that, despite being blindingly obvious, is rarely spoken: “And the banks — hard to believe in a time when we’re facing a banking crisis that many of the banks created — are still the most powerful lobby on Capitol Hill. And they frankly own the place.”

    To Matt W… if you missed the story, you may enjoy it. Greenwald discusses your favorite Luxury Class Dem – Mr. Bayh… and his campaign contributions… which is obviously led by Goldman Sachs… which “coincidentally” just hire Barney Franks’ former Chief of Staff as their top lobbyist in Congress.

  2. And Bloomberg is shedding light on the numerous Fed transparency votes in the Senate.

    1) 96-2 A “Sense of the Senate” requests the Fed to disclose financial bailout information

    That includes the number of borrowers, concentration of credit among borrowers, ratings of collateral and some details on contracts with private firms.

    Dodd supported

    2) 59-39 A “Sense of the Senate” request #1 and

    called on the Fed to identify borrowers

    Dodd opposed

    3) no vote yet, but S604 was the focus of my Sunday guest post

    Dodd sits silent on this one, as far as I know.

  3. And while I know politics offers all sorts of comparisons, I’ll draw this one…

    Does Senator Dodd thinks it’s more important to disclose the “sources and methods” of America’s intelligence operations (torture memo), than it is to disclose the banks that are getting bailed out with our tax dollars?

  4. Why does Banking Chairman Dodd oppose releasing the names of the banks that got bailed out with our tax dollars?

    Why does Majority Whip Durbin say the banks “own” the US Congress?

  5. Dick Durbin says the banks “own” the US Congress…

    He’s understandably quite upset about the cramdown provisions getting shot down. There’s about to be another big wave of foreclosures, and this was the best tool to soften that blow — but struggling homeowners are about to take it in the teeth.

  6. I truly believe that Senator Dodd has a fantastic opportunity right now to do some good. I’m uncertain what he’s thinking. My guess is that he’s trying to do everything one-on-one with other Senators. And I respect that to some extent. But I’m just fed up at this point with the way the banks (Goldman Sachs and buddies) seem to be running everything – and Dodd seems to be letting them run roughshod over his committee.

    I want Dodd to apologize for his screwups, then show some righteous anger and get busy… but when is he going to do it? I’m not holding my breath at this point.

  7. about the foreclosures… yeah… I think it was NPR that mentioned many of the state-level foreclosure moratoriums are expiring right about now.

  8. Those who are used to seeing in his appalled mode Tom Swan – current director of Connecticut’s Citizen Action Group and past director of Ned Lamont’s failed senatorial campaign against current U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman – will not be surprised to learn that he was “appalled” at the suggestion, according to a piece in the New Haven Independent, “that he and other progressives present were being used to rescue a senator [U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd] who got too cozy with financial barons and predators.”

    Dodd has been dancing around the state in an attempt some would consider desperate, with an obliging train of progressives in tow, to shore up his tattered reputation.

    Lately, Dodd has suggested that those in the Bush administration who had facilitated the water boarding of Kalid Sheik Mohammed should be tried in a court similar to the one that prosecuted Nazi war criminals in Nuremburg.

    Here is a short clip produced by Connecticut Bob showing Dodd holding forth on what has become his favorite topic: Let’s Nuremburgize “the war on terror,” an expression that has been rejected by the Obama administrationin favor of the less descriptive “Overseas Contingency Operation.”

    Kalid Sheik Mohammed, the master-mind of the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Center Towers in New York, also boasted that he had personally hacked off the head of Daniel Pearl, a New York Times reporter who, unfortunately, was not given the amenities that Dodd feels should be showered upon the sheik in order to show that we are a nation of laws, not men.

    Most experts on torture, not excepting Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, would agree that the sheik is a torturer. And it is safe to speculate that people like Swan, whose sensibilities are easily rubbed raw, would consider the sheik’s beheading of Pearl and his facilitation of the deaths of upwards of a thousand Americans in the World Trade Center bombing — actually there were two bombings, the first occurring during President Bill Clinton’s enlightened administration — appalling.

    There are some on the right side of the constitution who quibble over the question whether water boarding is torture; the sheik was dunked, so to speak, numerous times before he coughed up information that some in the Bush administration considered “actionable,” with consequences less serious than those endured by Pearl, among others. Actionable information is data extracted by intelligence gatherers (torturers?) that can be used to avert future unpleasant episodes like the World Trade Center bombing, the attack on the Pentagon and the foiled attack on the U.S. Congress, where Sen. Dodd and other future prosecutors of Bush administrative officials ply their trade.

    My own rule in these cases is to conform my judgment to that of Christopher Hitchens, the atheist writer who had himself water boarded and pronounced that water boarding was torture.

    Putting these quibbles aside, it may be important to point out that the U.S. Congress and the White House are now owned by Democrats. Presumably, they will do with both, as well as the country and the wider world, whatever they like.

    One can only hope that Swan and other delicate liberals like Dodd will not be appalled at the consequences.

  9. Bluecoat 2

    So Dodd wants to equate the systematic elimination of 6 million Jews and Waterboarding? Are you kidding me?
    Does he support Barrack Obama in closing Guantanamo so that these terrorists can join their buddies in thier quest to continue to eliminate more Jews and Zionists and Americans?

  10. AndersonScooper


    Are you that dumb, or just that dishonest?

    Dodd didn’t equate what America did under Bush to what the Nazis did under Hitler. And you know it.

    What he did equate was the reluctance and unpopularity surrounding the Nuremberg trials.

    Were laws broken in America? Did we torture people in our custody? What about the renditioning of people to secret foreign bases?

    Personally, I think we need to take a good look at ourselves, and as a country we should hold ourselves to high standards.

    Now I know many of you yearn for a return to a Bush/Cheney-like regime. Myself, I want America to be a nation of laws, particularly when it comes to a serious subject like the torturing of men and women in the custody of our armed forces.

  11. The fact that he met with “CT Bob” makes me want to vote against him. ..

  12. Were laws broken in America? Did we torture people in our custody? What about the renditioning of people to secret foreign bases?

    Personally, I think we need to take a good look at ourselves, and as a country we should hold ourselves to high standards.

    Here’s a little homework for you, TrueBlue. Do me a favor and let me know where in the Constitution it says that the President can, or cannot, do the following:

    – invade a country that both Democrats and Republicans believe to be harboring both WMDs and terrorists, and that flouted U.N. regulations at will for decades
    – change the order of priority for creditors in a bankruptcy filing
    – execute three men holding an American hostage on the open seas

    It’s harder than you might think.

  13. Were laws broken in America? Did we torture people in our custody? What about the renditioning of people to secret foreign bases?

    Renditioning was a hallmark of the Clinton not the Bush administration; Egypt being Clinton’s favorite renditioner. Gitmo removed the necessity of renditioning. In fact, the question that is uppermost on the minds of those who loath torture is this: In the post Gitmo era, will we see a rise in the incidents of renditioning? The answer to that question, so far, is – we don’t know.

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