Bike Bill Rides Ahead

A bill that would require towns to set aside a certain part of their road budgets to improve bike and pedestrian access has passed in committee, and could be headed for a vote in the House sometime soon.

It’s not a bad idea. Suburban towns are especially bad when it comes to bike and pedestrian areas, and it would be good to see towns focus a little more on transportation that isn’t car-based. I just wonder why the state is asking towns to take this out of their budgets, instead of funding it themselves.

Animal Dissection Bill

There’s a bill that would allow students to opt out of animal dissection, and you can read an op-ed in favor of passing it in the Courant. I don’t know, there’s something really memorable about dissecting a fetal pig, then finding out that the cafeteria is serving hot dogs for lunch (true story).

4 responses to “Bike Bill Rides Ahead

  1. Bruce Rubenstein

    these are both good bills….people are using or will use bikes more as gas prices go up, both for work and chores and also for some healthy recreation.

  2. Wolcottboy

    Absolutely stupid bill!

    First, who in their right mind would require the town of Warren to be REQUIRED to start placing sidewalks and bikeways in their town?? There is no where in town within walking distance, and while biking in the scenic town would be nice, its not worth riding to work from. The population and industrial centers are simply too far!

    This is a classic example of an unfunded mandate that takes the cake!!!

    As for dissection – sorry, but I was shy in 7th grade when I was given my frog. I told the girl next to me to do it. Once she started though, I couldn’t resist grabbing the scalpel and continuing with the dissection. Now I’m a paramedic and have seen enough people’s insides to know that seeing people’s insides is a very bad thing. Yet, I can tolerate it so I can help that person and it was that experience with the frog that made me consider medicine.

    Sometimes those experiences in school open our eyes. This bill permits us to close them at a very early age to an opportunity. What next? Permission to skip english class because a student doesn’t pronounce “ask” properly? I can easily see people coming up with such simple excuses. We all did things in school we didn’t want to do – like gym class – not because it made me sweat, but I just wasn’t very good at it. If my government could allow me to skip biology because dissecting a frog didn’t make me feel good, then there should be a law permitting me to skip gym class.

    Give me a break…. We have billion dollar deficits and a shortage of doctors and nurses, and we want to allow kids to close their minds to the world around them? C’mon!!!! Who gets the pansy award for this piece of legislation ?

  3. wtfdnucsailor

    Regardless of the merits of the bike bill, the last thing that Towns and Cities need is another unfunded mandate. It is hard enough to fund all the mandates now. Please don’t add another.

  4. Many people don’t want sidewalks in front of their house because they are required to keep them plowed in the winter. Does the same policy apply to bike paths?

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