Poll Finds Little Support for Tax Increases

CBIA commissioned a poll about various budget options, and unsurprisingly found that people don’t like taxes. Interestingly, people seemed to like the governor and the legislature about the same. From the poll:

1. Level of approval for the policy actions and decisions of the following – Governor M. Jodi Rell
Strongly approve 19%
Somewhat approve 58%
Somewhat disapprove 14%
Strongly disapprove 4%
Not sure 5%
2. Level of approval for the policy actions and decisions of the following – The State Legislature
Strongly approve 10%
Somewhat approve 52%
Somewhat disapprove 18%
Strongly disapprove 11%
Not sure 8%
Not sure

And on taxes:

21. Do you think tax increases are necessary to balance the state budget?
Yes 45%
No 52%
Not sure 3%
24. Statement A: The state government should save money by concentrating on its core functions, such as education and public safety. Statement B: The state government should expand its operations by providing retirement programs, health insurance benefits.
Statement A 66%
Statement B 28%
Neither 3%
Not sure 2%

These findings are very similar to a Quinnipiac poll from February, where voters backed the governor’s no-tax-increase budget by a wide margin, and backed cutting services over raising taxes.

Even so, it’s a Zogby poll, so take with a grain of salt (see here)! It’s not clear whether this was an online poll or a more traditional telephone survey. You can see the full survey with results here.


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