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The Courant took a close, revealing look at Sen. Gaffey’s PAC over the weekend. It isn’t pretty.

Sen. Dodd attacked his wife’s critics in an editorial.

As budget talks drag on, many groups are concerned about funding.

A new terminal at Bradley will be named after Ella Grasso.

Swine flu in Danbury! …Are we still worried about that? No? Never mind.

Portland voters are considering that town’s budget today. Many other towns will be holding budget referendums over the next few weeks.

The chair of the House transportation committee sees commuter rail in the Connecticut Valley as a natural fit. That’s good news for us.

Speaking of trains, there was a great piece about Michael Dukakis’ transit vision in the Courant this weekend.

The “Silver Alert” bill is expected to come up for a vote in the House soon.

What else is going on?


16 responses to “Open Forum

  1. In a typical beltway operation, the Associated Press is reporting that stimulus money is going to less needy states: “Although the intent of the money is to put people back to work, AP’s review of more than 5,500 planned transportation projects nationwide reveals that states are planning to spend the stimulus in communities where jobless rates are already lower.

    “One result among many: Elk County, Pa., isn’t receiving any road money despite its 13.8 percent unemployment rate. Yet the military and college community of Riley County, Kan., with its 3.4 percent unemployment, will benefit from about $56 million to build a highway, improve an intersection and restore a historic farmhouse.

    “Altogether, the government is set to spend 50 percent more per person in areas with the lowest unemployment than it will in communities with the highest.”

  2. Sen. Dodd attacked his wife’s critics in an editorial.

    Hmm…I guess we shouldn’t wonder why Mrs. Dodd’s salary quadrupled since she married the Senator.

    This is interesting damage control – deflecting the issue onto a larger question of women’s rights.

  3. Bruce Rubenstein

    Don…merely passing on from one media outlet to another, without checking on the facts and verifying its contents and conclusions isn’t helpful in convincing us of your argument.And since when does a movement conservative like you take anything from the liberal AP on face value?You would be on firmer ground with me if you had analyzed the transportation plans of Elf County,PA and Riley County Kan, and post it for all of us,before posting what you did

  4. connecticutian

    “Attacks On Wife Are Baseless Low Blows”

    Chris Dodd – the Ed Muskie of the 21st century?

  5. Bruce Rubenstein

    Ebpie…are Republicans the only one’s allowed to utilize damage control?

  6. Bruce,

    The problem with the stimulus, as reported by AP, is that the pooorer states are not as “shovel ready” as the richer states. Somehow, one thinks the Obama administration would have anticipated this and allowed for it in the distribution of money. A goof, I think — always worth reporting. Matt Apuzzo, Colin McEnroe’s favorite, is one of the reporters on the story’ so all of us LIBERALS ought to be able to vouch for its accuracy. Have you ever read a book called “The Constitution of Liberty” by Friedrich Hayak, WFB’s bible? The last section of the book is entitled “Why I Am Not A Conservative.” He considered himself a liberal. From now on. you can refer to me as an Hayekian liberal. I won’t mind.

  7. Bruce Rubenstein

    Don,,,Of course I read Hayek and Ludwig Mises also…and Adam Smith…and I had met with and chatted with WFB in days past….for economic theory and practice, I prefer John K Galbraith and his progeny like Paul Krugman,who I believe had a much more up to date and flexible approach of dealing with free market capitalism.

    I have noted that you wish to be thought of as a liberal….welcome aboard

  8. Governor Dukakis was my professor at Northeastern University, and we had many conversations about rail. Even he calls himself a little rail obsessed, but he’s absolutely right. If not for the T and the commuter rail connecting Boston to surrounding communities, Boston might look a lot like New Haven or Bridgeport. The ability for people to get around without cars does wonders for just about every facet of Boston’s economy.

    Until you’ve lived in both circumstances and seen the pros and cons, it’s tough to appreciate what rail is capable of. I think the cities in Connecticut are as good a fit for rail transportation as anywhere else in the country.

  9. Joe Sixpack

    How is it that gaffey’s PAC gets to spend $10,000 in expenses before they wind up? That seems a tad fishy, since the personal fines the Senator and his lackey, er treasurer owe totals $9,000. I guess the other grand is for a close out party at some posh resort.

  10. Until you’ve lived in both circumstances and seen the pros and cons, it’s tough to appreciate what rail is capable of. I think the cities in Connecticut are as good a fit for rail transportation as anywhere else in the country.

    Is there any city in Connecticut that approaches the population density of Boston? Other cities that aren’t dense that have put in rail, like Phoenix, don’t have a significant ridership. Chicago has a successful rail system as well, because of its population density. But I just can’t see Bridgeport, New Haven or Hartford being dense enough to warrant a lot of spending on commuter rail. Well, New Haven has some already as a result of being on the NYC line.

  11. Weicker Liker

    Anyone want to Hire Andrew Powaleny?

    His job search in DC has been picked up by

    Here is his twitter link….

  12. Bruce,

    I’m glad you had a chance to meet Buckley, certainly one of the lights of the modern conservative movement. You probably know that his last collection of columns, “Happy Days Were Here Again,” is subtitled “Reflections of a Libertarian Journalist.”

    The tendency, on both the right and the left these days, is to put your adversary in a box of your own construction, shaped like a coffin, so as to relieve you of the obligation of fairly meeting his arguments. I try – but human nature is sinful and full of slips – not to do that. As applied to myself, I probably would manfully resist the term “movement conservative.” To be blunt, I’m not sure what the expression signifies, because conservatives are a diverse group, as are liberals. Libertarians, as you know, are not neo-cons, and neo-cons are not libertarians, though both groups probably would not resist the larger term “conservative.” My ambition has been to present a point of view on some matters not presented by the main stream media, which is more liberal (in the modern sense) than, say, WFB – who is, paradoxical as it may seem, larger than the little boxes we tend to put him in.

    Buckley, as you know, was a Catholic; which is to say he was a Thomist. Acquinas used to say that each human soul was as different from each other as species are different from each other — that large a difference. So perhaps we ought to wait a decent interval after the soul has left the body before we shove men into our confining categories. It may be enough for me to call you Bruce, and you to call me Don

  13. AndersonScooper

    Is Powaleny really that young?
    (21 years old?)

    No wonder he didn’t know what he was doing!

    Best of luck to Andrew. Give him a few more years, and I’m sure he’ll be a seasoned pro.

  14. TheRealNixon

    Powaleny is smart to be using twitter and a site to promote himself. I am looking for a job too and am thinking that the more time goes by the more I need to get a little proactive about the job search and promoting myself. Maybe twitter is the answer.

    Remember the woman who had the bill board up advertising for a job? Well it looks like things for her are paying off:

  15. Bruce Rubenstein will be a please…my pleasure to call you Don…Best,Bruce

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