House Passes National Popular Vote

The House has passed a bill that would allow Connecticut to join with other states to award the state’s electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote.

The bill originally seemed to fail by a single vote, but several Democrats, including Rep. Peggy Sayers and Rep. Robert Godfrey, changed their votes to “yes.” The bill eventually passed 76-69. The bill now heads to the Senate.

The tradition that allows members to change their votes after they go up on the tally board but before the clerk calls the roll stinks, by the way. Talk about peer pressure.

Up in Smoke

Two controversial bills, one which would have legalized possession of small amounts of marijuana and another which would have banned smoking in the state’s casinos, both were not brought up for a vote in committee today, effectively killing them (for now).

Sen. Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) actually ran out the clock by reading pages and pages of information until time had expired. Boucher was the subject of a threatening email last week, written by the head of a local pro-decriminalization group.


2 responses to “House Passes National Popular Vote

  1. Talk about peer pressure.

    Talk about sugar coating it, GC! You know exactly what’s happening… and it’s not called voting their conscience.

    Personally, I’d probably oppose this. I think the Founders were pretty smart. And there’s no need to make an end run at the Constitution. You could amend it. Again, those Founders were pretty smart.

  2. Captain America

    Ridiculous. Cafero is right, the fact that the democrats would claim the sanctity of the individual vote and then lean on their members to vote contrary to their beliefs is sad. No wonder people are so cynical of government. And shame on the individials that changed their votes they clearly don’t have backbones.

    Remember Mr. Donovan- Pride cometh before the fall.

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