Town Budgets Passing

Windsor approved its budget yesterday. So did Ridgefield and New Milford. Portland passed its budget on Monday, as did Colchester. Wilton, Sherman and several other towns passed theirs last week.

Yes, a number of towns, like Monroe, have nixed their budgets. But does it seem like the number of towns rejecting budgets is down this year?

It could be that at least some of the usual taxpayer groups who vote against budgets at referendum have been mollified somewhat by trends across the state that see towns trying to cut the budget and hold the line on taxes. It could also be that more voters are turning out to support budgets (and protect services) in a year when government finances are very much on everyone’s mind. Voter turnout is still pretty low, however.

We’ll have to see whether this is an actual trend, or just a blip, as budget season rolls on.


5 responses to “Town Budgets Passing

  1. In Ridgefield, the budget increase was less than 2%, and the mill rate will go up by about 0.5% (I guess there was new construction to fill in the rest, or grants, or something else to make up the difference). In previous years, the first budget referendum had often been 8% or so, which would get rejected. So I think the reason it passed in Ridgefield is simply that the increases were fairly modest, much more so than in previous years.

  2. scanman1722

    Guilford is having serious budget issues. The first referendum on April 21st failed and, after 1.6 million in cuts, round two is set for next Tuesday. If that fails and the town cuts even more than they already have, the public schools would be in serious danger of facing sharp declines in quality.

  3. The budgets are passing – like kidney stones. There will be even more pain after the November elections when the revenue gimmicks start to surface.

  4. wtfdnucsailor

    Waterford budget passed the Representative Town Meeting as presented by the Board of Finance and last night the BOF voted to apply $825,000 of unreserved fund balance to make up for expected lost revenue to set a zero tax increase. The FY2010 mill rate will be the same as the FY2009 mill rate – 16.86. Read the Waterford Town Blog for more details if interested.l

  5. Most of the towns mentioned supporet an increase of about 1.5% over the previous year. Windsor was 1% less than the previous year and there was no increase in Sherman. Municipalities have got the message. In many communities, referendums have kept down increases. It’s the state that’s the problem, which is why we need a state budget referendum.

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