Cyclists Rally at Capitol

They’re rallying in support of a bill that would adopt a complete streets policy, which would improve bicycle and pedestrian safety on streets. As someone who rides a bike around a suburban town a lot, they’re not kidding: it’s dangerous out there.

From, a new site covering West Hartford.


2 responses to “Cyclists Rally at Capitol

  1. WEHT that bike trail they were building that was supposed to go up and down the entire east coast? When is that supposed to be complete?

  2. Joe Sixpack

    Taking raod funding in a bad economy to use for bike trails requires a suitcase full of courage by our legislators. When I and my gas guzzling SUV are stuck axle-deep in a pothole that my town can’t afford to fix, I will sure be happy that road funds went to allow three hippies the ability to pedal into work……

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