Amann 2010 – "I'm not dead yet!"

After Morgan McGinley’s editorial “Uphill Battle for State GOP” in Sunday’s The Day there was some confusion about the health and vitality of former House Speaker Jim Amann’s campaign for the Democratic nominee for Governor.

It all started with this:

Despite budget problems and severe unemployment, Rell’s approval in the February Quinnipiac Poll showed her at 75 percent and trouncing Mayor Dan Malloy of Stamford, Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz and former House Speaker James Amann. At the time of the poll, all three Democrats were potential challengers to the governor, Amann having since dropped out.

Since Dan Malloy and Susan Bysiewicz have been here, there and everywhere, that last sentence left some confusion as to whether Jim Amann was still in the race.

[Edited and Updated by Gabe – I fixed the quote above; the original quote is now displayed. The Day deleted the bold portion and the sentence now reads, “At the time of the poll, all three Democrats were potential challengers to the governor.” Which makes the below a little less effective (if possible), because The Day still seems to be implying that one of the three has since dropped out of (exploring) the race (I wonder which one?). Maybe one more brief “For The Record” email is necessary? – Gabe]

Well rest assured, he is [still in the race]. A “For the Record” letter from Patrick Scully, his Director of Communications sent out today reads as follows:

Jim Amann for Governor 2010 is coming off a banner week and plans to be attending events all over the state this week as well. Jim has noticed the energy and momentum of the campaign is higher than ever. As he moves forward in the coming months, there will be dozens of media appearances, fundraisers, town committee meetings, endorsements, (eventually debates when the others are done “exploring”) and just plain fun local events.
As fine a journalist as Morgan McGinley of The Day of New London is, he missed the mark badly on this one and started a political rumor–the type that spreads like wildfire. Ironically, the exact opposite of what Morgan wrote (that Amann has dropped out) is true. Jim Amann is the only declared candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor; the only one who has a headquarters open and operating. He knows Democrats want to nominate a candidate who can win the general election, not the same faces with the same results.
I wish, in the future, Morgan would give me a call. Fact-checking matters. I have been assured by an embarrassed editor at The Day that a correction will run in the print edition and online. They will also print my letter to the editor.

So there you have it. Amann for Governor 2010 – still alive and kicking. Not dead yet.

[Editor’s Note: Fixed the spelling of Amann’s name – Heath]


10 responses to “Amann 2010 – "I'm not dead yet!"

  1. wtfdnucsailor

    I just noticed that the on line version of the McGinley column has been corrected to eliminate the sentence that Amann had withdrawn from the race.

  2. Bruce Rubenstein

    I am not prepared to vote for for a DLC type candidate who while as Speaker of the House,stood with Joe Lieberman on the victory platform in Novenber… way and no how.

  3. AndersonScooper

    The Stamford Advocate’s Brian Lockhart gets in on the fun:

    Jim Amann=Abe Vigoda?

    Maybe they both just look and sound dead!

  4. Mr. 4%!

    What percent did Dodd get in Iowa again?

  5. I LOVE the use of Monty Python!

    My two favorites for my blog normally relate to me asking questions in town hall… questions that I’m “not supposed to ask.”

    1) Star Wars “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for”


    2) The Wizard of Ox “pay no attention to that Fed man behind the curtain.

    Good one Sar!

  6. Amann 2010 doesn’t want to go on the cart.

  7. I … feel … happy!!

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