Short Week Open Forum

Hillary at Yale:

A year after her alma mater dissed her on the presidential campaign trail, Yale opened its arms to Hillary Rodham Clinton Monday by awarding her an honorary degree.

The Stimulus-Stakes:

Nearly half the money, about $1.3 billion, is earmarked for Medicaid funding. There’s $750 million headed to schools; more than $430 million for transportation; and more than $270 million for weatherization, energy conservation, housing, law enforcement and environmental programs. Most of the money is headed to the state, or to town budgets.

Still, in the seven weeks that the state has been keeping a log of contacts with lobbyists, consultants and special-interest groups asking about the stimulus package, nearly 100 queries have been recorded.


Alicia Kennedy, her son, and more than 90 of his fifth-grade classmates and teachers at Fairfield’s Burr Elementary School have a June 16 date to keep.

That’s the day that they, along with students from six other schools from Windsor, Simsbury, Bridgeport and Stratford, are booked to visit the as-yet unopened Connecticut Science Center.

Which is to say that, one way or the other, the center in Hartford will be open by June 16.

It’s like an MTV reality show – Duel III: Busway v. Light Rail:

Except that this is the crossroads for the future of mass transit in central Connecticut.

In a few years, a rapid-transit busway to Hartford might start out a few hundred yards west of here, offering commuters an option to traffic-choked I-84.

Or, perhaps the rail tracks that once crossed this spot will be restored to create a Waterbury-to-Hartford commuter train system.

What else is going on?


6 responses to “Short Week Open Forum

  1. 11 students at Western Middle School in Greenwich have swine flu:

  2. AndersonScooper

    New Q-poll coming out tomorrow? That’s what I here.

    Should be interesting to see how big a bounce there will be for Dodd.


  3. connecticutian

    Should be interesting to see how big a bounce there will be for Dodd.

    There won’t be any bounce for Dudd. Most people aren’t as short minded as you think.

  4. Bruce Rubenstein

    Any bounce now one way or another has little meaning….

  5. Mr. Reality

    Should there be a bounce? Should CT residents just forget what he did? Have those questions gone away? Do Ethics still matter in CT? According to people hoping his numbers improve, ethics do not matter anymore.

  6. In case any of you are wondering what will happen if Connecticut raises taxes on the “rich”:

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