Dodd to Run First TV Ad of 2010 Race


The Associated Press is reporting that U.S. Senator Chris Dodd will begin running the first television advertisement of the 2010 campaign season tomorrow with a 30 second spot that will air statewide.

The 30-second spot set to air statewide in Connecticut on Friday features Obama praising the Democrat for his work crafting the new credit card reform bill that the president signed into law last week. Dodd chairs the Senate Banking Committee.

The report goes on to note that the TV Ad buy will cost the Dodd campaign approximately $100,000 for the week.

The ad buy comes on the heels of a mixed bag Quinnipiac Poll for Senator Dodd, which showed that the AIG-inspired “Let’s Tar and Feather Chris Dodd” sentiment is beginning to wane a bit, though the Senator still trails former U.S. Congressman Rob Simmons by six points.

For his part, Simmons told Fox 61’s Shelly Sindland yesterday that he is beating Dodd “without spending a nickel”.


18 responses to “Dodd to Run First TV Ad of 2010 Race

  1. Nice choice in photos!

    Good work Heath.

  2. Perhaps someone with political experience can explain to me the logic of buying $100,000 worth of TV 18 months before an election. A week’s worth of TV won’t turn his numbers around, so does he plan to be on the air continuously until November 2010? If not, then isn’t this just $100,000 wasted?

  3. If not, then isn’t this just $100,000 wasted?

    Wasting money is nothing new for Dodd; at least this time it isn’t tax money.

  4. Weicker Liker


    Chris Dodd wants to remind voters about the POSITIVE things he has been doing for them in Washington.

    Nothing that I have read or heard from Rob Simmons articulates much vision on policy.

    At some point, Simmons is going to have to engage the public on issues that matter in their lives.

  5. AndersonScooper


    The clock is ticking on Dodd’s career, and the Senator’s #1 worry isn’t the fight against Republicans next year.

    Nope, it’s that Dick Blumenthal or Susie Bysiewicz steps up to the plate this fall, the possibility/probabilityof which depends heavily on how Dodd is polling. (If Dodd is down to Simmons, all it would take is some moxie to effectively retire the 30yr. incumbent. Me, I’d just point to the polling and emphasize how important the seat is in terms of getting every American health care.)

    Stop and imagine what a poll of the Democratic electorate would look like right now. How big would Blumenthal’s lead be against Dodd? 55-30%? Maybe greater?

    Luckily for Senator Dodd, that poll hasn’t taken place. Nor have head-to-head match-ups of Simmons v. Blumenthal, or Simmons v. Bysiewicz, both of which would have my Dems up by 10-20%, if not more.

    Look, rank-and-file Democrats have a genuine regard for Senator Dodd. However, a lot of us care much more about keeping the Senate seat in Dem hands, than about the continuation of Dodd’s political career. That’s just the math.

    So please understand that’s what the $100,000 of advertising is all about. Dodd absolutely must get his approval numbers up into the mid-40’s. And closing the gap with Rob Simmons, at least to the point where the outcome starts looking like a coin-flip, probably freezes Blumenthal and/or Bysiewicz.

    Fortunately for Dodd your CT GOP is going to hold back their punches and let Dodd climb in the polls, as it’s obvious that things ran too far, too fast, almost driving Chris into retirement, which would have been disastrous for your 2010 hopes. Basically your side needs Senator Dodd bleeding but not dead.

    That’s because without Chris Dodd as the Dem nominee, Simmons’ chances fall to almost zero. Certainly Blumenthal, (with his 80% approval ratings), would wipe the floor with Simmons the ex-Congressman from the wrong party.

  6. AndersonScooper

    PS– While we’re getting at the heart of this race’s dynamics, I want to put forward my hope that Senator Dodd is smart enough to sell that damn cottage to some hard-working Irishman for not much more than he paid for it.

    Too many folks on my side are discounting altogether the viciousness of the ads Rob Simmons will put forward, as well as his ability to pay for them. Simmons is going to go straight negative, (heck, he already has), and he’s going to have somewhere near $10 Million at his disposal.

    Yes, Simmons will do very well fundraising, (He’ll try to blow Caligiuri out of the race this quarter.) because this the GOP’s best chance of picking up a Senate seat, the right-wing noise machine has Dodd clearly in their sights, and of course the traditional media loves this shit.

    As during the 2006 mid-terms, Connecticut will once again be the center of the American political universe. Isn’t that great?

  7. I want to put forward my hope that Senator Dodd is smart enough to sell that damn cottage….

    We’re hoping he decides to move there.

  8. We’re hoping he decides to move there.

    Then he can not be President of Ireland, too.

  9. Weicker Liker


    Moving to Ireland would be an easy way out for Dodd!!

  10. I contest that he’s “not spending a nickel”. Someone’s paying for his website and all the Google ads that appear in Gmail and other websites.

    But he’s not spending very much, that’s absolutely true. The race isn’t about Simmons, at least not yet, and the media is doing his work for him–so he doesn’t have to spend at all.

  11. Weicker Liker


    The Google Ads tend to be paid for in a “lump sum” & “per click” basis.

    I assume Simmons Campaign put down a set amount of money and the spigot turns off when Google gets a certain number of “views”

  12. Maybe Rob made some money by loaning his electronic cravat to the Daly campaign, though it has changed now. Instead, they replaced Rob’s cravat with a quote from Rob and a picture of Rob.

  13. Weicker Liker


    I dont remember Simmons cravat on their website??

    As far as I have heard, Simmons has NOT formally endorsed Daly.

  14. Weicker Liker


    My bad. I did notice the Simmons necktie.

  15. I dont remember Simmons cravat on their website??

    That is Genghis’ term for the patriotic bunting that decorates the Simmons site.

    Rob’s necktie collection is, in contrast, difficult to match and impossible to duplicate.

  16. AndersonScooper

    Can you tell us more about Rob’s necktie collection?

    It’s such an interesting topic as opposed to what Rob wants to do for Connecticut.

    Stop Obama!

  17. Weicker Liker

    Thanks for clarifying. “Cravat” was not in my prior vocabulary!!!

  18. Maybe Rob made some money by loaning his electronic cravat to the Daly campaign


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