Gregory Forms Exploratory Committee in 4th CD

A New Canaan Republican will be filing paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission tomorrow to form an exploratory committee in the Fourth Congressional District.

William R. Gregory, of New Canaan, is according to a press release, a non-profit executive and a former staffer on the Presidential campaign of John McCain.  He will form an exploratory committee and officially launch a website,

In the press release, Mr. Gregory criticizes the Republican Party’s outreach efforts to young voters in 2008:

“Something was wrong and it was obvious. While the Obama campaign, and Democrats generally, had fostered the enthusiasm, creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship of their young contributors (i.e. – most outreach strategists and speechwriters were in their 20s), we had become rigid and stale.”

The formation of the Gregory exploratory committee marks the first likely entry into the Fourth Congressional District race.  It is widely anticipated that Senate Republican Leader John McKinney will announce his candidacy for his father’s old seat in the coming days.


12 responses to “Gregory Forms Exploratory Committee in 4th CD

  1. AndersonScooper

    Wow. William makes Boaz and Ralph Ferrucci look good by comparison. I even think that FIC guy Matt Daly is more credible than young Gregory.

    Here’s to ridiculous dreams and vanity campaigns!

  2. easthartfordtaxpayer

    First strike right there. Previous McCain Staffer… but he is an Eagle Scout and young that could be a compensating factor.

    I’ll have to see his issues but if he sounds anything like McCain…

  3. Weicker Liker

    This guy has an interesting story.

    Grew up with Dyslexia as a child and has found some successes.

  4. Bruce Rubenstein

    He went to ” The Gunnery” prep School and Oxford….what a man of the people……and a bohemian beard also LMAO

  5. Weicker Liker


    How about Jim Himes?

    He went to Harvard AND Oxford.

    What a man of the people!!

  6. Perhaps he is biting off more than he can chew, but Gregory has a very impressive academic and professional background. The GOP needs more young people like him willing to step up and take a chance on running for office. I hope this race isn’t the last we see of him.

  7. The GOP needs more young people like him ….

    You’re right!
    We’ll never have a surplus of `em – that’s for sure!

    Are you familiar with the youngsters that have paraded through the Capitol and/or State Central over the past 10 years or so?

    Holy Smokes do we have some bright kids! Not only are a slew of them packing threatenly high IQ’s; they work like immigrants too.
    Several weeks in a row of 15-17 hour days? Not a problem.
    36 – 54 hours straight during a special election? Sure! No sweat!

    Half of them or maybe more, have apparently arrived here from the planet Krypton!

    More due to their collective efforts than anything else, the entire state party infrastructure doesn’t resemble what had been in place for the previous 30+ years.

    Only a handful of “older” Republicans have had much to do with it aside from knowing when to applaud and/or get out of the way.

    Heath, who posted the piece is among the young wizards from Krypton – seeing as Gregory’s already made Heath’s radar screen, it’s a safe bet that regardless of how things go for William right now he won’t be ignored by the party.

  8. Wow. William makes Boaz ………….

    I seriously doubt your life’s history could illustrate the level of intestinal fortitude and adversity of Mr. ItsHaky.

    Personally, I’m honored to even know the man.

  9. Here’s to ridiculous dreams and vanity campaigns!

    That’s the subtitle of “The Ned Lamont Story.”

  10. scanman1722

    Note to William: shave the soul patch, dude. Forget about votes, you’re not gonna get any girls with that thing!

    This guy should be running for state rep, not Congress.

  11. Note to William: shave the soul patch, dude. Forget about votes, you’re not gonna get any girls with that thing!

    Are there currently any members of the US Congress with chin pubes? I can’t think of any.

  12. He’ll be an outstanding Outreach Coordinator for the McKinney campaign. With that resume, he’s got Capitol Hill staffer written all over him. Very impressive.

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